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Es muy importante que tu te ames
recuerda te mira buena cuando con un sonreír
El mundo y es faltas no pueda hacerte
Tu vale la pena
Y tus sueñas son bella<3

~An excuse to polish spanish skills😬

– te amo<333



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The Astronomer


They never taught her the prospects of feeling what was. Seemingly infinite, she was young. A far away star; unreachable. Even as toes slighlty began to press into pavement, leaving markings far more immense than the scars that faded with time, She spent peeking at night’s sky, hoping to discover…

Not one telescope could locate what was longed for…

And they couldnt see what she wanted, for herself…

Not an utter of sound shifted within them that spoke amoung this necessity. 

…Being one that fed tongue, mind, and hip, while weaking the valves ability to whisper messages of desire to one’s heart.

 Yet she’d embrace.

While they looked beyond  the frames she called dilated circles, a vulnerable peice of heart remained stranded above the cheek.

Downsized and neglected, two characteristics no one wanted.

Insides wimped as she stood under hungry circles surrounding dry lips, orbiting heated breath, and no interest in the amount of stars she knew by name.

Broken yolk was bonded, like bible said.

 What was left to reveal, sat beneath sweaty temples, and bushy brows. Glass like reflections shot empty visions, in a location they had not bothered to question or even checked to see whether the image staring back was feeling anything.

Between her full lips, brown like mocha, Grew mistakes. Outing every star that shone the differences in  good intentions and ugly desires.

I hope this is good, I was  a bit hesitant to post but, after taking these pictures. This was what my mind blew on me so… I hope you guys like it:) if not love it!!




Pluto’s Rings Are Surfacing?

1:00 AM.

 I was watching YouTube, when one video turned into 5 more. Don’t judge I was on my way to sleep, eventually.Which may or may not be the exact reason behind my waking at 10, with bags the size of Pluto’s rings.

Besides that, This one creator, Shany Monroy has just grown on me. With her difference and loud personality, she has won over hearts of many viewers, like myself. Last night she uploaded a small cover video and it is absolutely amazing! I encourage you guys to check it out Here..  Now if I’m being completely honest Shany didn’t really control her vocals as well in previous covers.

Your probably like huh? What you mean!?

Weird sentence could be my 1:00 am sleep brain swooping in but, in this video you can see her growth and efforts when controlling beautiful vocals. Okay Nahndi, Why are you writing this you say, what’s the point!!!

Just ease we’re getting there. Underneath, It was written in the comments “Never Change Who You are.” 

 And I was sitting there contemplating that message… please stop me if my one am chats are irrelevant  but, my brain just started thinking that’s a lot to ask of someone.”

Of course I love the optimistic nature of this comment, and embrace positivity with every limb in my body but, I couldn’t help but think, it’s human nature for us to change. Although it’s opininated based on one’s moral values, whether someone’s change is for the better or worst, we do in fact change!!

Though  change is such a monumental process that the one making this move, should be able to recognize when and if it should be done . Not given someone else’s or the world ‘s standard but, their own. And that takes time, even with beneficial outcomes.

~ That’s pretty much all I had to say on the subject, while I’m pretty sure Pluto’s rings are surfacing on mi cara ( face in spanish)

Thank you  for reading and let me know you guy’s thoughts below!

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990 Hours Of Change


Roughly 990 hours of Change

They tell you things are going to be different at first. You don’t listen of course. Though everyone walks unconsciously with t’s crossed and permanent friends by fourth bell.

And a lot does Change…

Below are a list of words students from my school chose to define their second year of high school

Painful– Which high school can be this particular person explained that the pain was in losing friends who’d changed. Which I have to admit does happen, I feel the most change is everyone’s second year. New conflicts arise, others get into new friend groups and are compelled to pull away from either there morals, old friends or both in exchange for a new life. Something exciting, sometimes seemingly promising in that moment and not the next…

Clutch/ Last minute victory – In all stress are highlights and sometimes leaving the old for new is the best move. As well as a fresh outlook on transitions from comfortable siutations to different ones, which result in bundles of happiness.


Different interesting changes

Sinful, scary,daring,miraculous

“I stopped talking to a lot of people,more risks were being taken and towards the ending it became stressful. But, it was mysteriously fun!”

_Quoted from commenter ^

All of this and more is true. Things I wish I could’ve known before sophmore year.

1. It’s okay to grow apartnot everyone is meant to stay in your life on your own time and standards
2. People changewhich is also okay

3. Don’t be afraid to leave your comfort zone I’d only done this a few times and honestly the most rejuvenating days out of the normal routine. It’s nice to just let go sometimes and let things happen, you don’t have to always be in control. The best things happen when we let loose of the reins and try something new, for once. Something that we can’t already predict the outcome of.

^this does not in anyway encourage drug and alcohol usage, or sexual activity.

4. It’s okay to be alone – I’d actually learned this the not so easy way and still am easing my way into the concept more and more everyday. Being alone doesn’t nessarily mean you’re lonely. It’s a temporary pit-stop from the world, providing opportunity to grow within oneself and even do things you enjoy or need to work on.

5. Not everyone is going to be your friend, just because you smile and make nice small talk honestly I hate small talk and am horrible at staying in tune to the conversation after a while. Though it may seem like I’m listening and engaging, my mind drifts elsewhere. It begins to feel sort of forced to me, like a challenge to make pave out. Instead it’s best to find a common ground to chat about and see where conversation flows. If all fails, not to force anything and let live, lol. 

6.Drama is not worth investing your time in –it just gets the best of you, and is not worth your time. More things are important.

If any of you have more advice on highschool, what and what not to do please comment below:)

Thank you for reading!!!

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~Type ya laters Wordyqueen


The Art of Completion

I had a revelation last night.

No this wasn’t what I’d initially planned on speaking about. Boys were bound to be the topic instead, I found this one a bit more important…

The Art Of Completion.

Last night I was discussing with my mother, my insides. Yes a part had to do with spiritually not feeling connected but, another aspect was my urge to do all at once.

A motto I consider all the time is, “to not feel, do.” Throw yourself into a new project to distract from issues, take time to be fixed…

The thing is I contain not a lick of patience, at times I can be generous with lending you my time but,very rarely will that occur. I’m always the one to mention going out and within the next two minutes, making plans for everyone around me to go along, while not considering what they intended to have done, that day. Which is quite selfish of me, another attribute I’m working on.

Again with the “I’s” one day. I would love to stop using them just to prove how unselfish I am…maybe in the future using the very word won’t bring me back to that night. Last night, when everything wrong was revealed before me. Needless to mention, not the easiest pill to swallow but through God, in every tribulation is his encouragement and guidance as well as  a sense of peace.  By doing all this, I tend to start things and in the end, lack motivation to finish them. How this has become a result still remains quite a mystery to me but, what I’ve learned is,racking your schedule in excessive amounts halt breathing room to really live and all that comes out of large amounts of planning  is unfinished projects and   mind racked with so many possibilities but, no ways of distributing enough energy to make what you wish to happen,  ACTUALLY HAPPEN.

I have faith in the fact that my mistakes are forgiven as well as my ability to turn around, with a helping hand of course.  Although, I know patience won’t always be a fun ride, I believe good things come to those who wait. Not just in getting things done but, feeling loved, feeling confident, being educated, travelling, etc..

Life in general is a waiting game. we contribute to how fast it goes and consequences that follow. If you guys could think on your next step. Whether it’s really worth being acted upon  now,  paced out over any period of time, or if living a moment of: boredom,laughter,self-amusement, honestly any predicament you’re in prior to acting, is all you need. I’d be one happy blogger;)

Down below if  you guys could let me know  your thoughts and if they resonate with this concept or if you’ve gone through some of the things I’m struggling with at the moment. I really do appreciate all of you, and would love to chat with everyone!!!

Thanks loves


Another letter.

I think of the fire that erupted once brown skin morphed under sun.

This letter will never be uttered with pink tongue.

My fingers burning with fragance of masked emotion and sweat only I can see.

Reminiscing the sound of cheek forming phrases through teeth    that help tongue to dictate in which octave to speak.Your words never surprised me any.


Rosy heat never rose through a frame so cold that covered itself in flame.

Thinking back warm rain always seemed like a time to whisper when no one held the power to shut off what felt far from distance. Though your syllables slightly weighed enough to assume threshold was presevred for your thoughts.

…Still numbed, halting the ability to correlate opinions formed to systematize worth, through ways in which you speak.

Humming tunes of what I could not repeat, relativly speaking the raspy utterances turned my ear unexpectdly into vacuums that subbcum to any and everything sounding sweet

or dorky…

Like queen which was uttered in no regards towards me.

And I wallow for the ignorance in topics toward your liking. But don’t doubt for a moment that connection present, kept steady feelings flowing between the two members of studies.who locate yards apart and meters in mind.

Rant. Shell.


I never felt as if I’d ever had one to break…

The most annoying thing is when people try to talk you out of your own aspirations, or downsize your hard work. As if numbers determine  how great your work actually is. 

Maybe that’s why everyone loves La La Land… it touches on that one theme, ” to shoot for the stars and that someone, somewhere thinks you’re worth it. Which can possibly inspire a widespread of aspiring artists..

Maybe that’s why when he told me, I’d break out of my shell one day, I was out of words to respond. 

Shells… hmmm people dont have them.

maybe creatures yes, 

but we as human obtain layers that just become thicker with each new obstacle, some may fall off given events. Although never do I trade my experiences for a new. 

Which is why I don’t like the term shell…

What are some of your unfavorite words that connect backto something someone said or did? 

Or am I the only one?

I’d really like to know 

thank you loves for reading my rant!


I still don’t know yet.

 late night calls with water rushing against closed rooftops of every person underneath clouds that cry for reasons scientist lack the knowledge or belief in god to claim truth in vacant faith. Amazed by the grace that taps tin,sheltering his beloved children.

Sometimes, I like to think that we cry like clouds in attempt to release tension felt in stresses masked under lumps tucked slightly beneath our eyes…carrying messages left for society to decode. promising grants slipped to an empty minded youth.

Breathing between wrinkles of time that tick when our mind remains paused.

something like disagreement between hearts that beat on the same path unknowingly.

does he know you think of him…

Sixteen is cake.

Sixteen is understanding that lonely is only an illusion, unless you allow your mind to be consumed of thoughts that fall into that exact frame of …

“where the hell are my friends?”

 we are falling like most teens are…at this age.

 15 years and 2 days..

Sixteen is finding out everything yet nothing vital in the time you desire them to be

Coincidental it’s called

closeted skeletons were slowly seeking there way through unexpectdly as you, were only in a daze, daydreaming of life and how all goes up from here.

Sixteen, you are still brand new to me… a  new chapter I can’t seem to close,  24 hours a day, 365 days a year,

Two down…



More Content coming soon, Sorry for the wait guys school was a total stress but, I’m back now and hope you guys enjoy this new piece, along with the others following

Thanks loves!!

Just kids part II

Remember the kid you are.
You know when you’re walking through the street and something stops you. You find yourself dazed and perfectly still. It’s a certain smell. Nostalgia soon possesses your mind and you’re left with nothing but the romanticised memories of your childhood. ― That is the child within us.
When your favourite song comes on the radio while you’re driving and you pretend you’re in the music video. Dancing along with no care in the world. ―That is the child within us.
When you’re at a event and someone asks what you’re dream is and for a split second, you’re about to say it. ―That is the child within us. The fact that embarrassment stopped you and you lied instead is not the child within us.

So, why is it so important to remember the kid you are? Your child self and its unstoppable imagination is enigmatic. That child self understands the law of attraction. That child self is you. Until now. Society and its unwritten rules has banished our childlike features that still live within us and forced us to forget them. We are taught now that, rather than embracing differences and loving ourselves, its better to look and act like everyone around us and only love the fake that lies in one another. It’s important to take some time and channel your inner ambitious young and tender soul. Why do we oppress our thoughts and feelings towards our younger days? Personally, I grew up as a very crazy yet happy child. My life wasn’t perfect, and my family was suffering financially but I was such a visionary child that I had hope and was always thrilled. Why wasn’t this the case in my teenage years? Why was I suddenly a shy girl too afraid to be myself? Why did I feel ungrateful and unhappy? Why had I tried to wipe the memories of my childhood? You’re upbringing is your foundation. Whether it was happy, shitty, crazy, whatever! It’s like a cake, without the base, everything will fall apart. So why do we tell ourselves that the base is the least important. In fact, it’s the most important. I believe this is all in the mind rather than a physical problem. We feel lost. Who even are we? Who even am I? There’s this quote that goes like; “Life isn’t about finding yourself, it’s about creating yourself.” Sit for a second. No phone. No nothing. Just sit and think about yourself ten years ago, yourself two years ago, even six months ago. How much have you changed? How much have you grown as a person? Have you become less lively? I believe strongly that everything that happens to us, will have an effect later on. It shapes us in some kind of way. This is why our youth is so important. Something you did as a five year old, could be the reason you’re reading this right now. If you change your way of thinking by remembering and embracing your childhood years, you will notice that way you see the world will change. So next time you walk past the shop that’s playing your childhood favourite song, don’t let the memories stop flooding in.

Ground yourself and remember the kid you are.

– Bugify xxxx

Faking, Gaming, Leaving

I decided to interview a couple of my loving senior friends perspectives and advice on the highschool experience and tips with you all,

Ursala, she’s a really cool hippee spunk filled type of person. Her vibes are erractic and she’s not afraid to say anything to your face, even if it’s a bit provactive. I love Urs and hope to see her succeed in her true feild:)

Mars, is the absolute best! He’s the best person to talk to about anything, litearlly comfortable is his middle name. Though this boy is fiesty, when I say feisty, I mean real feisty. Next year, or his very next school term, Mars is going to bea soloist ballet dancer, which is a big step towards his dreams and I’m so proud of him, he will be missed dearly:)

Oragne text- Mar’s responses

Black text- Ursala responses

Bolded text- Me

hope you all enjoy love

~ Wordyqueen ❤

Three tips On high school and how to get through it all

My three tips for getting through high school would probably be, find friends you’re compatible with, and find something that you enjoy doing, so you look forward to going, and just do your work

study, keep your grades up, focus

Don’t be a lazy piece of shxttt just do it, and don’t hang out with fake people…

least favorite thing about high school?

The education system and just feeling trapped all the time like, no your not allowed to leave the cafeteria, no you need a pass to go to the bathroom.


Bathrooms are nasty 

surface pros

How much drama does high school actually have and your advice on managing social vs work life?

High school only has as much drama as you lee others affect you, it depend son who you hang out with and the kind of things you worry about, like prom, and don’t hang around people who cause drama, like it’s your choice.  Also, Twenty years from now I’m not gonna look back and think oh what is ti I did in math class, and I’m also going to wanna hang out with my friends but, do what you gotta do so you can get outta here.

There’s not a lot of drama just stupid people doing stupid thing basically. Focus ore on your work life versus your social life

What’s one thing you’d change about your experience or decisions that’ve made you who your are?

I just wish I’d decided to not give a fxxk more earlier

don’t turn in your work late

What do you think people see you as?


extremely awesome

basically they say my bother is hot and i’m the cute one *


I know senior year and I get that bull crap

where are you off to next?


University of west Florida

Are you excited!?



what scares you the most?

Uh money! I don’t want to be broke and I don’t want to be a prostitute

Not graduating on time

One of the best memories?

Getting first place for three compensations  in a row for guard moving up a class and getting first place anyway

freshman year, me and my friends created this good group of Nintendo players, sophomore year with ugiohh, oh im such a nerd, senior year with prom, home coming was a little shitty but I’m going to six flags inn two days so, that should be a really god memory.

What’s one thing you know you’ll miss



If you had to do a day over again what day would it be?

First day of high school, just to see how much I’ve changed.


how have you changed from freshman year to now?

freshman year I was an awkward oh I’m so corky , I don’t know I cared about stupid things but,I didn’t know how to stand up for myself at the same time. Now I still have things I could work on but, now I’m happy with who I am and where I am in life.

I feel like when you’re a freshman you’re learning who you are and are kinda immature, so maturity grows

What’s one thing you’ve taken from attending  this particular high school

*Belches, blames it on me when my friend ask who it was*

I’ve seen many crusty bathrooms and I’ve been one without tolliet aper way too many times.

challenge yourself, don’t take the easy path