How to not be perfect…

So, I’m not perfect. Nor do I consider anyone else un-including God.

I mess up.

It’s the end of my second week in school and life is just throwing things at me. Yes junior year is very much exciting but, I realized I want to be further than where I am right now, that my vision of where I imagine myself is not…here. It’s a bit more ahead which is great, but will take some time but we’ve got time…everyone has time, it’s just the question of how much time that crushes over-achievers and those who don’t stop to breathe as much, which happens to be more often than not.

Excerpt for upcoming post…

“How to not be perfect”

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Not Enough

There are mornings I feel like creating. And moments I don’t. It all depends on my environment around me that as well as my ability to go through everyday not wishing for something more.

It sounds horrible…In fact it is. Sometimes I feel as if my lack in doing more is stunting my growth and I have no clue what to do about but, to just keep pushing what I got…

I do the best with what I have and sometimes it’s nothing…well that’s a lie its something every time, every morning, every moment alone at night while the crickets are doing their thing, every time I’m stuck I think of something hut never really go through the trouble in writing it down. For fear of sounding ridiculous or lost of interest half-way through my sentence. Though I try, I also give up… and I don’t like it. It’s hard to admit, but for the time being my best is not enough. No matter how much I explain to myself it is. Though I’m not defeated just taking it all in because this school year is the beginning of a non-stop race. One where I grow up more, go out more, and learn me more. It’s pretty hard to be vulnerable on a platform where if you think too hard millions have access to see. Except maybe not this site possibly..

Who knew that summer would swing by so quick i’d hardly had time to say goodbye. Or even write it an ode btw I hate odes they’re cringe though feelings aren’t… they may be awkward or uneasy though that’s the beauty of new beginnings. And honest if there’s never been an awkward moment with someone I’ve met we can’t be friends, it’s just protocol:/

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Glass Half- Full?

I guess I was just born this way though adjusting to this train of thought isn't simple.
However, nothing in life ever is so

don't call your purple, black…if it can be blue…

Meaning why complain about your trials if circumstances could be looked at under a perspective that allows growth and results in your favor?

Why don't we do that?

it's hard to say…

Once someone is tied by complication it seems as if our brain can only focus on what's wrong in life..rather than fulfilling our minds with gratitudes and appreciation of what's been offered.

And no it's not every situation there's a light beaming towards good things, because if there were no one would ever be upset.

Though if there's that chance to adjust your way of thinking, even if it's just for a split second, take it.
You'll find reassurance that things are going to be fine. Maybe not immediately but soon, or motivation to deal with what's bothering you at hand. Sometimes it helps to keep a float.

It's about the bigger picture the one you see when approaching obstacles in life. It's about where you want to see yourself and how you're going to get there, about what ways to go about relinquishing stress.

Not my video^

Perspective is a big step when it comes to dealing with life

So what do you see when when approaching a glass with some water…

Half full? Or Half empty?

Thank you for reading
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Writer on a break


Her eyes peel back from a days rest…8 hours of rebuttling to only skip past the babbles when sunrise. Ink clouts the sky in place of the pink and blue hue it took upon last fall. 

Water is an iv that taps into the salty veins while ropes levy around her head in times of dehydration and the hottest summer day. Her fingers scatter towards the mesh window locking in the exhausting heat. Here is when she wishes for winter to return his breaths of ease back through her respiratory.

 …kicking rocks and switching socks has become the hobby of every hour, along with space to marinate thoughts that hardly ever swing by any more. Love is found in unrequited ways as that is the path passion takes for tales.

paperbacks no longer seem to scream enough to suck the hours possibly wasted in a rut of giggles and dry memos that never get through her map of a brain to be remembered the correct way. Although memorable they were never aware of escape routes in incidental beads she left on her neck presented as tests to challenge each moral looked over. 

And here she sits. Shades of black peeling the edges of thick fingernails coated in feelings not one can decode. She's misplaced her paper, and is sure to tuck her pen. Receiving revival needed to run the race. Her race. The uncompleted phrase. The 300 paged life living within her,dusted and patient it remains…

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Why I Write

Why I write…

It's a feeling I guess… a lot better than punching something. Writing out fustration is nothing I'm all that use to doing. Writing out of desire,loss, sympathy, all thoseother  etceras, I guess you could fill in with your imagination is the reason why I do. Now that said poetry, I define as a feeling and don't get me wrong there is a techniquality to it but that's only if you're a wiz and all. While me, I write for enjoyment… 


 The truth is out go tell it to somebody, have me arrested because I don't follow any law when it comes to inking my thoughts…


 I hate it when stanzas are called, "stanzas "or when the very phrase "iambic pentameter" some odd word an old doofus created is said in literature class…

it urks the creaks in my desk as much as it shakes the bones in my body…man I tell you.

Another thing I hate is upon mentioning to others that I write, my body squirms and I get this odd feeling; they assume I'm some depressed alien of emotion.

Please tell me someone else feels this way, that it's not just me^
Honestly there are nice poets out there, ones who don't like to be associated with oppressing others. 

*Cough cough*

Although they make points in ways that route back to the heart, I'm not gunna lie

For a bit I've taken a break. I suppose you can call it a breath. Something you take in order to feel again. By feel, I'm referring to artistic needs not my abilty to cope with polluted air.

And with this break, I've taken in every emotion I feel, every person I see, every pattern I hear,it's pleasing.

I wrote a poem meant to describe each breath and how it was dedicated to gaining my sense of creative voice? I guess you'd call it.


Click if you'd guys like to check it out. Other than that, my summer has been going nicely as I rest up the days til school is back.

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Right or left

You never really know the direction of someone's mind, or the purpose behind why they do what they do. 

It's all chemicals, I suppose although you can't assume

You also cannot spend your time attempting to find out others motives, do that and you'll be out of people to talk to.

Everyone's true-self comes out one way or another

You'll never know right from left, if there's no guide to walk you through. In tough times like these it's best to trust your gut.

In the season of going back to school, it's best not to put to much stress into  others. Focus on yourself, people will fall in and out of your life.

This does not by any means translate to becoming anti-social^^

I remember my freshman year. 

Please call me a mess… I really don't mind but, I was genuinely happy. Certain times anyway.

My friend who no longer is, asked me..

"Why are you always so happy in your photos?"

At the time this question didn't really strike me as a threatening.

 Thinking back I feel there was an underlining tone, I missed in this made comment. 

Why was the presentation of my happiness a problem? Why couldn't I just be…

Yeah, it's true that people say things out of there mouth and don't really pay attention to the direction in which words flow. 

Being only up or down

 Thanks to 3 years of my life dedicated to an elementary school that focused on feelings and fundamentals of caring, it remains a known fact in my mind that the ways in which we choose to speak to others… affect them. 

Whether it's long or short term…

It's a possiblity that my emotion was somehow connected to the way I feel inside??*sarcasm, cough* 

Not everyone wants to see you at your best

Not everyone is out to get you

Only little lingings and your instinct will direct you right or left. 


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Summer Moods

More poetry ig??


swallow my tongue… unable to determine motives, comparing reality to what you’ve done in nightmare i’d happen to not daydream but walk into as blindly as any 

curious cat… 


Rain water drips from my roof as our audible voices are hushed. My valid statement is preached to which you belch me laughter. my chuckles sound like joys glass has been broken letting a trapped caterpillar free. Each riddle our tones chosen to take flight of every conversation keeps me.

 all night…



 I worry about you. About the circles that burrow beneath your lashes like a hamster in a cage…
 don’t think I not one to notice your pain, or how sometimes driving alone seems like the best result. 

But if you’d just hold onto him and keep faith

Mohma pretty soon you’ll find…

Seasons of Rejoice


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