Cold Reasons

Some Events  cannot be put into words. While in the mist of others you’re lost for the right ones to define the moments experienced.

Fluorescent light scatter across stiff  bodies wanting more  rhythm to breathe happily,

conjuring nothing on shoulders, weighing down one issue after the next.

Paper thin, she was  destined to the weight her world totaled to.

Struggling, on what seemed to be someone else’s shoulders, which no longer maneuvered in a way to call natural.

Though given miscommunication, a feeling, un-natural she couldn’t interpret escaped her ticking fingers, that fought off what ever bothered, with sounds sounding, like irritation close to one’s ear that sighed heavily,

appearing as an old man’s butt, sagging guts of fat, sling with sounds which echo slaps to abandon the fizzing feeling , spewing down her right nostril…like flat soda on a hot winter spring.

And yes winter spring since the season blew cold reasons to stay heated in love with events that bear heavy meaning and no words to describe it.

~ Wordyqueen