The Blogger Story Award

THANK YOU! purplebutterfly964 for nominating me for this award:)))


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1: What is your blog name and why do you call it that?

A: ummm well i know i have a way with words and im always provding them for others to adhere to , and lol i was coming up with a name with my mom and this  just hapened to be one.

2: How long have you been blogging for? 

A: about 2, 1/2 months…since mid june

3: How many folllowes do you have?

A: 10 on wordpress and one on email:)

4: who was your first follower?

A: elan

5: What got you into blogging?

A: free expression i guess, I’ve always wanted to do one since I’d watched the movie “Julie  and Julia”. The amount of people you can reach in such seconds amazes me. I also love writing and thought why not? It could also open up new opportunities you never knew you could have and gives anyone who doesn’t know you a little taste of what you’re capable of.

6: What is your favorite part about blogging?

A: people’s reactions to what i write or comments, though I don’t get many i still enjoy the little I have that and reading what others blogs:)

7: If you could change one thing about wordpress what would it be?

A: being able to customize more without having to pay, like picking out your own colors instead of what the theme has to offer.

8: Why do you continue to blog?

A: It makes me feel complete to know that at the end of the day i have something out there representing who I am as a person and writer, I also, plan to gain an audience to interact with as time goes on.

I would like to nominate these 3 bloggers:)

alessandro trapasso.wordpress.con


Let love

Let love be with you everywhere you go from your precarious mind to the fingertips that dull in temporary color every week or so,let love flow. Let love flow so much around you and radiate like a spring providing water to the animals of nature. Let love work let it work in mystical ways one would wonder…”wow how did I ever get here With little to no pressure to be put under and a guard let down like no other to be let down and loved to the very fullest my mind still can’t fully comprehend.” 

 Let love be with you…let love in

Soooo this is kinda old:/ but it was incompleted so i decided to wrap it up, let me know what you think in thecomments  below, more updates coming:))