How to not be perfect…

So, I’m not perfect. Nor do I consider anyone else un-including God.

I mess up.

It’s the end of my second week in school and life is just throwing things at me. Yes junior year is very much exciting but, I realized I want to be further than where I am right now, that my vision of where I imagine myself is not…here. It’s a bit more ahead which is great, but will take some time but we’ve got time…everyone has time, it’s just the question of how much time that crushes over-achievers and those who don’t stop to breathe as much, which happens to be more often than not.

Excerpt for upcoming post…

“How to not be perfect”

Thank you guys for being super patient when it comes to my consistency in posting, I assure you my schedule will soon be regulated and you’ll here more from me soon:))

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Another letter.

I think of the fire that erupted once brown skin morphed under sun.

This letter will never be uttered with pink tongue.

My fingers burning with fragance of masked emotion and sweat only I can see.

Reminiscing the sound of cheek forming phrases through teeth    that help tongue to dictate in which octave to speak.Your words never surprised me any.


Rosy heat never rose through a frame so cold that covered itself in flame.

Thinking back warm rain always seemed like a time to whisper when no one held the power to shut off what felt far from distance. Though your syllables slightly weighed enough to assume threshold was presevred for your thoughts.

…Still numbed, halting the ability to correlate opinions formed to systematize worth, through ways in which you speak.

Humming tunes of what I could not repeat, relativly speaking the raspy utterances turned my ear unexpectdly into vacuums that subbcum to any and everything sounding sweet

or dorky…

Like queen which was uttered in no regards towards me.

And I wallow for the ignorance in topics toward your liking. But don’t doubt for a moment that connection present, kept steady feelings flowing between the two members of studies.who locate yards apart and meters in mind.

What Is Sixteen…?

I still don't know yet.

 late night calls with water rushing against closed rooftops of every person underneath clouds that cry for reasons scientist lack the knowledge or belief in god to claim truth in vacant faith. Amazed by the grace that taps tin,sheltering his beloved children.

Sometimes, I like to think that we cry like clouds in attempt to release tension felt in stresses masked under lumps tucked slightly beneath our eyes…carrying messages left for society to decode. promising grants slipped to an empty minded youth.

Breathing between wrinkles of time that tick when our mind remains paused.

something like disagreement between hearts that beat on the same path unknowingly.

does he know you think of him…

Sixteen is cake.

Sixteen is understanding that lonely is only an illusion, unless you allow your mind to be consumed of thoughts that fall into that exact frame of …

"where the hell are my friends?"

 we are falling like most teens are…at this age.

 15 years and 2 days..

Sixteen is finding out everything yet nothing vital in the time you desire them to be

Coincidental it's called

closeted skeletons were slowly seeking there way through unexpectdly as you, were only in a daze, daydreaming of life and how all goes up from here.

Sixteen, you are still brand new to me… a  new chapter I can't seem to close,  24 hours a day, 365 days a year,

Two down…



More Content coming soon, Sorry for the wait guys school was a total stress but, I'm back now and hope you guys enjoy this new piece, along with the others following

Thanks loves!!

Just kids pt. 1

Inside everyone remains a part their past. whether it's how often they count the cracks in the sidewalk or counting the seconds you've been hanging off the side of the bed. In this mini-series, I wanted to collect versions of my reader's  experiences with others and themselves. Little quirks gone unnoticed, or the aspects that've made the person who they are today.




i am a girl who devotes herself to making others smile.

i am a girl who seeks the little things; the clouds, the sunrises, the quirks of those around me.

i am a girl who loves the smell of the rain, the feeling of sand between my toes, and the sound of indie acoustic.

i am a girl who passionately believes in God, striving to find my purpose, identity, and life in Him.

i am a girl who starts conversation by asking deep questions.

i am a girl who fears physical touch.

i am a girl who gives others high expectations paired with unconditional patience.

i am a girl who is defined as an INFP, introvert, intuition, feeling, perceiving.

i am a girl who is constantly learning and growing, and i am content with that.

i am a girl who wants to adopt a child with special needs.

i am a girl who strives for perfection, using tube after tube of whiteout.

i am a girl who is pursuing a master's degree in occupational therapy.

i am a girl who is fascinated by sunflowers, the sky, and sunsets.

this is who i am.


Coco melted chai

​Coco melted chai is a collection of diary like entries explaining the life of those affected by racsim or discrimmintaion of any type. we are not invisible, which is why we have to speak with purpose. This is not against whites or any other race. This is just supporting and uplifting the fact that black lives matter as well as opening the public’s eye to the role that  discrimmintaion plays on this upcoming generation. 
I will be posting entries from those who are willing to share their stories of their struggles with discrimination and how it impacts their everyday life. Along with poems created by me, of my view on the world now,if this continues,and  what it may look like. An entry will be posted Every Thursday. 

If you’d like to participate or have any questions feel free to email me or @Cnahndi on twitter. 

Thank you:)))


“May her words bring peace for   tomorrow”,she repeats the tagline over and over in her head thinking to herself…how will that sound?

Why not put “read me”,but that would be too easy…wouldn’t it? 

The expectations society has put into place making us the human beings we are,puts pressure on our hearts to be perfect. Now,though I do go by the name wordy queen, I am far from perfect,and don’t doubt for a second that you yourself aren’t either.

She writes for peace and purpose to be reverted back to those who no longer see the words you are worth it, she writes relatable pieces that’ll draw you in like a tidal wave who’s home is the beach. Not skipping a beat on the carefully selected words she’s chosen for those around her to understand why the heart she has, speaks. Her topics on worldly matters will make you want to change the way you see..for the brighter,so much that the past becomes as far as the roof of your tongue goes when the very words yern to jump out  your throat. 

But,Change..she wants change,not only in her own life but for those around her. Her name is queen,and her calling is to speak the words of peace so they may be carried on for tomorrow.

-yours truly..wordyqueen:)