Right or left

You never really know the direction of someone's mind, or the purpose behind why they do what they do. 

It's all chemicals, I suppose although you can't assume

You also cannot spend your time attempting to find out others motives, do that and you'll be out of people to talk to.

Everyone's true-self comes out one way or another

You'll never know right from left, if there's no guide to walk you through. In tough times like these it's best to trust your gut.

In the season of going back to school, it's best not to put to much stress into  others. Focus on yourself, people will fall in and out of your life.

This does not by any means translate to becoming anti-social^^

I remember my freshman year. 

Please call me a mess… I really don't mind but, I was genuinely happy. Certain times anyway.

My friend who no longer is, asked me..

"Why are you always so happy in your photos?"

At the time this question didn't really strike me as a threatening.

 Thinking back I feel there was an underlining tone, I missed in this made comment. 

Why was the presentation of my happiness a problem? Why couldn't I just be…

Yeah, it's true that people say things out of there mouth and don't really pay attention to the direction in which words flow. 

Being only up or down

 Thanks to 3 years of my life dedicated to an elementary school that focused on feelings and fundamentals of caring, it remains a known fact in my mind that the ways in which we choose to speak to others… affect them. 

Whether it's long or short term…

It's a possiblity that my emotion was somehow connected to the way I feel inside??*sarcasm, cough* 

Not everyone wants to see you at your best

Not everyone is out to get you

Only little lingings and your instinct will direct you right or left. 


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 viente y cuarto de Junio, Viernes, Dos-mil-decisiete

Es muy importante que tu te ames

recuerda te mira buena cuando con un sonreír


El mundo y es faltas no pueda hacerte

Tu vale la pena

Y tus sueñas son bella<3


~An excuse to polish spanish skills😬

– te amo<333



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A world without looks

I’m adorable… or cute..never sexy or hot or smoking.  “Bad”, is the new term our millineal men would call it… I’m neither of those…

Nor am I outspoken when I’m talking to the one I’d rather spend my time with. Though working on that…not everything turns in my favor..

 who you are or how you see yourself now isn’t always going to be that way later..One day you may say “wow” or the next day, “woah” … depending on your personal thoughts and practice of loving yourself. 

And Not everything comes naturally believe it or not, and sadly something I think should come naturally (no matter how hypocritical I can be at times with this topic.)

Another thought about this whole  aspect is that looks, play a huge part in building relationships even something as simple as holding a 5 minute conversation.. for instance

You see someone with smooth hair .

*first thought*

Like silk..

 ..like the silk my mother bought that year she got her first raise, the floral cloth hanging daintly by the wind to help it withstand the indefinte shape…

 And her lip color 

*Second thought*

looks like raspberries to me…

I remember a time I enjoyed raspberries during the summer, at grandmas house by the poolside.

Other Parts be nostalgia, ranting on about something happening previously in your life, creativity, advice, and my second favorite..flirting.

But…looks aren’t just looks…

 If you take looks away from the world, yes you would have just minds but nothing to describe those minds forget the beautiful because that word…wouldn’t exist.

In my opinion, man has had to see  beautiful first in order to come up with a name for something of the sort. You can’t start off hearing beautiful, writing beautiful, smelling beautiful.. (if that last one is even possible) without adding an image. It all connects back to symbols and the names going along with them. Like How the word delightful and joy are often connected to people smiling… why?… because while in mist of the moment some odd wiz guy started shouting words at the top of his lungs to represent what he saw… and how it made him feel. 

(Okay maybe I’m wrong on the technicalities but you get what I’m trying to say)

Now on the other hand words like music are tied to sounds..different  conversation though.

To further explain myself “beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.”  and looks play a huge part in the whole creative part of our brains, the intellectual, the undying color, the attribute that makes us more interesting, and all the descriptive words we use… mostly drawn from what we see and how it makes us feel. And notice I say what we see…as in ones eyes not three, we as in you, as in individual…see with your eyes only when defining what’s beautiful and what’s just living.

If you have a hard time defining the term think of it this way..

Beautiful can’t live…it’s a word

But the living can be beautiful…any and every living thing can be beautiful and it doesn’t make a difference rather its one or two people who think so because what makes beauty is what one has the ability to see.


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The proccess that comes with letting go.. 

The whispers have become louder than the last time I allowed my voice to even carry as much as an echo. The cave in which we speak repeats it self over for the ones whi have ears to listen to. Bad places carry bad sounds, carrying bad vibes carrying bad choices carrying bad feelings turning you into a person I no longer want to whisper with. And if whispering brings you to be distraught with the meanings, that roll of my tongue coming natural to me as breathing air through the very lungs, that sings out the words my very head thinks, that pays attention to body lanuage more than you think…is miserable to withstand by any means…tell me. 

I don’t want an apology for your decisiveness.

 just for wasting my time, which could’ve been used up to think of someone better than what you offer to mouth to me. And please dont give me that nahndi please crap because I’m tired of playing games I dont know the rules to. In fact I stopped hop scotch years ago, my feet got tired and my brain couldn’t take the heat of what’d been expected out of me. The rock in which i threw to determine my future became too much.


Its now 11:44pm I’m so tired that as I was preparing to type a new promt my eyes gave up on me but I knew i had to get something out there so this is about 2 days old.. Honestly I dont like throwing old thoughs into the atmosphere unless they’re still evident, which its true that they are it’s just the situation in which I put myself into constantly I apparently was through. Or so said but I say now even though I said two days ago and nothings done but i believe in myself this time or at least I think…learning to let go of people can be the hardest thing especially, when you care or you share at least 5 good memories,but sometimes too many bad ones over shadow the good or too many incidents leaving a hole of uncertainty.. it’s not worth it, its not worth it and bearing it won’t help the situation..but the most important thing to remember is that you did’t give up…you just



ReVeSheTwa/What love is like


Never mind. Never mind that now since I’ve been back from a great thanksgiving my mind has to churn every bit of its juices out exhausting me to bits…but im glad i have loved ones around who make up for all the blank chemistry equations and mixed literature pieces from the puzzle that lies within my stinking non favorite book right now Catcher In The Rye the concept is great but in my opinion the writing style was not my reveshetwa…



I guess you can say this week I’ve learned a few things or just have remembered from I was told, have seen, and pick up from personal experience.

The Key to Understanding… What love is like.. (LIKE)

Thinking…something you can’t do too much, your opinion will get in the way of listening to what the other has to stay, halting you from sympathizing and seeing where they are coming from as a person.

Listening…Be sure you are, even if the reasons for you not communicating with them is completely evident.

Vague is spelled with words used.

Meaning you if didn’t speak up they have more of a reason to not understand where you are coming from.. take a seat, explain your part and shut up. Give them time to process and listen to what they have to say.

Open Up..If something is bothering you while conversating say it, get your point across but respectfully and don’t be afraid to say what really is on your mind. Vulnerability is a beautiful thing and doesn’t always make you feel good inside but, it’s definitely worth the risk in the process of learning who you are as a person, what your limits are, and creating better relationships with those you do love.

last but not least… LOVE. At first you may be upset, saddened, wounded, or even numb. due to the lack of understanding of where the other is coming from or their own communication skills toward you. Though this may or may not work you’re not guaranteed this last step, IT’S UP TO YOU, loving doesn’t necessarily mean you get along with with someone, heck some people haven’t even met the person they love…I’m not explaining that. Though loving runs in someone’s veins it can be taught but with time loving even the bad takes…a lot of patience. You can also love from  distance, You don’t necessarily have to be in a relationship with someone in order to hold regards for them, and putting up for disrespect isn’t worth any darn thing in the world.

Happiness is also key if you are happy where you are stay, work it out, an move on…BUT being in relations with someone whether friend or lover or anyone close does not happen naturally unless both parties are reaping that light we are all trying find.Nothing is ‘t about physical benefits whether its money or a higher grade on an assignment,popularity, gifts… that’s ALL  material…and flashy things causing us to get consumed in our minds of temporary happiness that the whole idea of loving just becomes an unreachable dream.

Do What’s Right Whatever it is…and feel loved, listen and understand what love is like.




Good thunk or bad thunk?

A thunk is my definition of jumbled thoughts keeping you from completing a certain action whether that action has to do with the way you feel on a certain topic or the way you interact with others.

We all have a thunk!

Lets not freak out about it just yet, first things first. Think about something you constantly and I mean constanly have on your mind, it could be food, work,college,a guy or girl,trying out for that team,even meeting new people…just about anything.

Now, think about the topics that surface around this thought and how it affects the way you pursue your desires. This is an example of a “thunk”ladies and gentlemen it can be both positive and negative.

If your thunk is positive and I mean the thoughts that surface encourage you to go for it while in stressful siuations your ability to control how much you let a  (negative thought) surface in the very head of yours is effective…you’re doing just fine


But, for those of you out there who struggle with letting little things take over your brain,mood,comfort, then we have a problem to solve!!

Secondly, are there any persons out there that activate your thunk?  If so, and I’m saying this in the nicest way possible…silence them and by silence them I mean, keeping a personal distance from their negativity. Unless they’re are encouraging…

As for your thunks themselves take a deep breath let it all out and whatever you do…stay positive. Listen to the possibilities for a split second and snap them out as quick as they came because while anything can happen, what will happen when you don’t do what you want?



Thought + no action=unhappiness/more thoughts


If you don’t understand stay with me here, step by step your thoughts develop into desired actions and desired actions are never to be pursued without one or a few bad thoughts but, don’t let that takeover what you have set your mind on doing.

Think about it like a queue for  downloading music; by double tapping the action is somewhat predetermined. You just have to follow through and see what happens.



a mystery

and tends to stay that way, even till the end of you. So, trying to figure out

“what if ”

is not helping you live life to the fullest. It’s stopping you from enjoying the reality of what could be..its all 50/50 but if its meant to happen it will. You just sometimes gotta take that first step.

When Solitude Screams…

A moment alone feels like an eternity. I sit and i seek something to fill my head with because honestly  nothing and nowhere is not where my heart desires to be. So I think I think on everything there is to think because again, there is nothing I want more than a moment alone.

( sarcasm intended)

A moment alone they say gives you time to think but, what if your mind feels numb and thinking is no longer apart of any queue that you’d play instantly at any given moment.

 or your thoughts may swerve into anxious actions that’ve been played out a few weeks ago and you think about the many possibiltes of how that scenario could’ve been… But the damage is already done…and there’s no turning back.

What if a momemt alone forces you to discover that you’re  the most boring person on earth to be with. Or the desire that you’ve held onto for the longest time is slowly seeping into a question of what if im not cut out for this??

What if you find your fears in a filing cabinet so far in the back of your head that you never knew exsisted?

            What do you do then?

  1. You question whether or not the doubts you think of are worth it
  2. You move on from this feeling of sickness that drives your mind crazy
  3. Then you focus all your energy on something postive..whatever that may be for you.

For me that would be.. 

  • Writing
  • Strecthing
  • Listing to peaceful music
  • Asking my family questions that pass through my mind
  • Sleep
  • Tea

What would your moves be???Comment if you like;)