A girl who loves writing…

Okay so there’s more than that… I love living. Every opportunity I get to do something spontaneous or new, I try to face with a brave face. Me, creating this blog would be an example of one. Though I love sharing my work and my opinions on life with different people:))
 Putting all this out here, helps me grow not only as a writer but a person, by having an auidence I am opened to interact with others and have conversations on any and everything, read into more persepctives and learn from many differnet things. 

I’m currently 15 years old.. almost 16 but, there’s no rush here. I have an amazing family and a few friends who make me beam through the long 8 hours life gives us to soak unwanted theories and mathematical problems,trust me I won’t need at any point after college. 

One of my favorite places to be is the beach, I feel warm when I’m there despite any dropping temperatures, the ocean floor was made for me, lol.

I happen to think a lot… Which doesn’t always benefit me but, when it comes down to my career choice a hed full of thoughts and ideas is much appreciated…

Though my posts may seem mature I have a very child like spirit, ask my friends I literally skip and hop everywhere I go. I’m a very bubbly person, unless I think too much or am in a bad mood. I enjoy long walks filled with conversation, taking pictures while its freezing outside, being frozen…lol jk but I like cold weather, french fries they are my ultimate lover ❤ umm marshmellows, cats, and apparently I’m a hipster:/


My socials are below where you can follow me for more of me:))

Twitter- @bloggsterbabe

Instagram – wordyqueen


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