Not Enough

There are mornings I feel like creating. And moments I don’t. It all depends on my environment around me that as well as my ability to go through everyday not wishing for something more.

It sounds horrible…In fact it is. Sometimes I feel as if my lack in doing more is stunting my growth and I have no clue what to do about but, to just keep pushing what I got…

I do the best with what I have and sometimes it’s nothing…well that’s a lie its something every time, every morning, every moment alone at night while the crickets are doing their thing, every time I’m stuck I think of something hut never really go through the trouble in writing it down. For fear of sounding ridiculous or lost of interest half-way through my sentence. Though I try, I also give up… and I don’t like it. It’s hard to admit, but for the time being my best is not enough. No matter how much I explain to myself it is. Though I’m not defeated just taking it all in because this school year is the beginning of a non-stop race. One where I grow up more, go out more, and learn me more. It’s pretty hard to be vulnerable on a platform where if you think too hard millions have access to see. Except maybe not this site possibly..

Who knew that summer would swing by so quick i’d hardly had time to say goodbye. Or even write it an ode btw I hate odes they’re cringe though feelings aren’t… they may be awkward or uneasy though that’s the beauty of new beginnings. And honest if there’s never been an awkward moment with someone I’ve met we can’t be friends, it’s just protocol:/

Well thanks for reading this far if you have, hope you’ve enjoyed my rant comment you thoughts below and follow my medias
Ily, wordyqueen






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