Glass Half- Full?

I guess I was just born this way though adjusting to this train of thought isn’t simple.
However, nothing in life ever is so

don’t call your purple, black…if it can be blue…

Meaning why complain about your trials if circumstances could be looked at under a perspective that allows growth and results in your favor?

Why don’t we do that?

it’s hard to say…

Once someone is tied by complication it seems as if our brain can only focus on what’s wrong in life..rather than fulfilling our minds with gratitudes and appreciation of what’s been offered.

And no it’s not every situation there’s a light beaming towards good things, because if there were no one would ever be upset.

Though if there’s that chance to adjust your way of thinking, even if it’s just for a split second, take it.
You’ll find reassurance that things are going to be fine. Maybe not immediately but soon, or motivation to deal with what’s bothering you at hand. Sometimes it helps to keep a float.

It’s about the bigger picture the one you see when approaching obstacles in life. It’s about where you want to see yourself and how you’re going to get there, about what ways to go about relinquishing stress.

Not my video^

Perspective is a big step when it comes to dealing with life

So what do you see when when approaching a glass with some water…

Half full? Or Half empty?

Thank you for reading
Let me know your thoughts below loves!!

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  1. When it comes to appreciating what’s right in front of me, I’m a bit of a half empty glass. Always trying to improve, of course – interesting post, thankyou Nahndi!

    Liked by 1 person

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