Right or left

You never really know the direction of someone’s mind, or the purpose behind why they do what they do.

It’s all chemicals, I suppose although you can’t assume

You also cannot spend your time attempting to find out others motives, do that and you’ll be out of people to talk to.

Everyone’s true-self comes out one way or another

You’ll never know right from left, if there’s no guide to walk you through. In tough times like these it’s best to trust your gut.

In the season of going back to school, it’s best not to put to much stress into  others. Focus on yourself, people will fall in and out of your life.

This does not by any means translate to becoming anti-social^^

I remember my freshman year. 

 I was genuinely happy. Certain times anyway.


My friend who no longer is, asked me..

“Why are you always so happy in your photos?”

At the time this question didn’t really strike me as a threatening.

Thinking back I feel there was an underlining tone, I missed in this made comment.

Why was the presentation of my happiness a problem? Why couldn’t I just be…

Yeah, it’s true that people say things out of there mouth and don’t really pay attention to the direction in which words flow.

Being only up or down

Thanks to 3 years of my life dedicated to an elementary school that focused on feelings and fundamentals of caring, it remains a known fact in my mind that the ways in which we choose to speak to others… affect them.

Whether it’s long or short term…

It’s a possiblity that my emotion was somehow connected to the way I feel inside??*sarcasm, cough* 

Not everyone wants to see you at your best

Not everyone is out to get you

Only little lingings and your instinct will direct you right or left. 


My attempts to have a chit-chat given my long absence. I hope you guys enjoy this post. Remember to follow if you haven’t and comment below your thoughts, Thanks loves

Instagram: @wordyqueen

Twitter: @bloggesterbabe





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