Why I Write

Why I write…

It’s a feeling I guess… a lot better than punching something. Writing out fustration is nothing I’m all that use to doing. Writing out of desire,loss, sympathy, all thoseother  etceras, I guess you could fill in with your imagination is the reason why I do. Now that said poetry, I define as a feeling and don’t get me wrong there is a techniquality to it but that’s only if you’re a wiz and all. While me, I write for enjoyment… 

Journal from last school year


 The truth is out go tell it to somebody, have me arrested because I don’t follow any law when it comes to inking my thoughts…


 I hate it when stanzas are called, “stanzas “or when the very phrase “iambic pentameter” some odd word an old doofus created is said in literature class…

it urks the creaks in my desk as much as it shakes the bones in my body…man I tell you.

Another thing I hate is upon mentioning to others that I write, my body squirms and I get this odd feeling; they assume I’m some depressed alien of emotion.

Please tell me someone else feels this way, that it’s not just me^
Honestly there are nice poets out there, ones who don’t like to be associated with oppressing others. 

*Cough cough*

Although they make points in ways that route back to the heart, I’m not gunna lie

For a bit I’ve taken a break. I suppose you can call it a breath. Something you take in order to feel again. By feel, I’m referring to artistic needs not my abilty to cope with polluted air.

And with this break, I’ve taken in every emotion I feel, every person I see, every pattern I hear,it’s pleasing.

I wrote a poem meant to describe each breath and how it was dedicated to gaining my sense of creative voice? I guess you’d call it.


Click if you’d guys like to check it out. Other than that, my summer has been going nicely as I rest up the days til school is back.

Be sure to check out my last post here, if you’d like.

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