Summer Moods

More poetry ig??


swallow my tongue… unable to determine motives, comparing reality to what you’ve done in nightmare i’d happen to not daydream but walk into as blindly as any 

curious cat… 


Rain water drips from my roof as our audible voices are hushed. My valid statement is preached to which you belch me laughter. my chuckles sound like joys glass has been broken letting a trapped caterpillar free. Each riddle our tones chosen to take flight of every conversation keeps me.

 all night…



 I worry about you. About the circles that burrow beneath your lashes like a hamster in a cage…
 don’t think I not one to notice your pain, or how sometimes driving alone seems like the best result. 

But if you’d just hold onto him and keep faith

Mohma pretty soon you’ll find…

Seasons of Rejoice


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