The Astronomer



They never taught her the prospects of feeling what was. Seemingly infinite, she was young. A far away star; unreachable. Even as toes slighlty began to press into pavement, leaving markings far more immense than the scars that faded with time, She spent peeking at night’s sky, hoping to discover…

Not one telescope could locate what was longed for…

And they couldnt see what she wanted, for herself…

Not an utter of sound shifted within them that spoke amoung this necessity.

…Being one that fed tongue, mind, and hip, while weaking the valves ability to whisper messages of desire to one’s heart.

Yet she’d embrace.

While they looked beyond  the frames she called dilated circles, a vulnerable peice of heart remained stranded above the cheek.

Downsized and neglected, two characteristics no one wanted.

Insides wimped as she stood under hungry circles surrounding dry lips, orbiting heated breath, and no interest in the amount of stars she knew by name.

Broken yolk was bonded, like bible said.

What was left to reveal, sat beneath sweaty temples, and bushy brows. Glass like reflections shot empty visions, in a location they had not bothered to question or even checked to see whether the image staring back was feeling anything.

Between her full lips, brown like mocha, Grew mistakes. Outing every star that shone the differences in  good intentions and ugly desires.

I hope this is good, I was  a bit hesitant to post but, after taking these pictures. This was what my mind blew on me so… I hope you guys like it:) if not love it!!





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