Pluto’s Rings Are Surfacing?

1:00 AM.

 I was watching YouTube, when one video turned into 5 more. Don’t judge I was on my way to sleep, eventually.Which may or may not be the exact reason behind my waking at 10, with bags the size of Pluto’s rings.

Besides that, This one creator, Shany Monroy has just grown on me. With her difference and loud personality, she has won over hearts of many viewers, like myself. Last night she uploaded a small cover video and it is absolutely amazing! I encourage you guys to check it out Here..  Now if I’m being completely honest Shany didn’t really control her vocals as well in previous covers.

Your probably like huh? What you mean!?

Weird sentence could be my 1:00 am sleep brain swooping in but, in this video you can see her growth and efforts when controlling beautiful vocals. Okay Nahndi, Why are you writing this you say, what’s the point!!!

Just ease we’re getting there. Underneath, It was written in the comments “Never Change Who You are.” 

 And I was sitting there contemplating that message… please stop me if my one am chats are irrelevant  but, my brain just started thinking that’s a lot to ask of someone.”

Of course I love the optimistic nature of this comment, and embrace positivity with every limb in my body but, I couldn’t help but think, it’s human nature for us to change. Although it’s opininated based on one’s moral values, whether someone’s change is for the better or worst, we do in fact change!!

Though  change is such a monumental process that the one making this move, should be able to recognize when and if it should be done . Not given someone else’s or the world ‘s standard but, their own. And that takes time, even with beneficial outcomes.

~ That’s pretty much all I had to say on the subject, while I’m pretty sure Pluto’s rings are surfacing on mi cara ( face in spanish)

Thank you  for reading and let me know you guy’s thoughts below!

Instagram- @wordyqueen





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