990 Hours Of Change


Roughly 990 hours of Change

They tell you things are going to be different at first. You don't listen of course. Though everyone walks unconsciously with t's crossed and permanent friends by fourth bell.

And a lot does Change…

Below are a list of words students from my school chose to define their second year of high school

Painful– Which high school can be this particular person explained that the pain was in losing friends who'd changed. Which I have to admit does happen, I feel the most change is everyone's second year. New conflicts arise, others get into new friend groups and are compelled to pull away from either there morals, old friends or both in exchange for a new life. Something exciting, sometimes seemingly promising in that moment and not the next…

Clutch/ Last minute victory – In all stress are highlights and sometimes leaving the old for new is the best move. As well as a fresh outlook on transitions from comfortable siutations to different ones, which result in bundles of happiness.


Different interesting changes

Sinful, scary,daring,miraculous

"I stopped talking to a lot of people,more risks were being taken and towards the ending it became stressful. But, it was mysteriously fun!"

_Quoted from commenter ^

All of this and more is true. Things I wish I could've known before sophmore year.

1. It's okay to grow apartnot everyone is meant to stay in your life on your own time and standards
2. People changewhich is also okay

3. Don't be afraid to leave your comfort zone I'd only done this a few times and honestly the most rejuvenating days out of the normal routine. It's nice to just let go sometimes and let things happen, you don't have to always be in control. The best things happen when we let loose of the reins and try something new, for once. Something that we can't already predict the outcome of.

^this does not in anyway encourage drug and alcohol usage, or sexual activity.

4. It's okay to be alone – I'dactually learned this the not so easy way and still am easing my way into the concept more and more everyday. Being alone doesn't nessarily mean you're lonely. It's a temporary pit-stop from the world, providing opportunity to grow within oneself and even do things you enjoy or need to work on.

5. Not everyone is going to be your friend, just because you smile and make nice small talk honestly I hate small talk and am horrible at staying in tune to the conversation after a while. Though it may seem like I'm listening and engaging, my mind drifts elsewhere. It begins to feel sort of forced to me, like a challenge to make pave out. Instead it's best to find a common ground to chat about and see where conversation flows. If all fails, not to force anything and let live, lol. 

6.Drama is not worth investing your time in –it just gets the best of you, and is not worth your time. More things are important.

If any of you have more advice on highschool, what and what not to do please comment below:)

Thank you for reading!!!

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