The Art of Completion

I had a revelation last night.


No this wasn’t what I’d initially planned on speaking about. Boys were bound to be the topic instead, I found this one a bit more important…

The Art Of Completion.

Last night I was discussing with my mother, my insides. Yes a part had to do with spiritually not feeling connected but, another aspect was my urge to do all at once.

A motto I consider all the time is, “to not feel, do.” Throw yourself into a new project to distract from issues, take time to be fixed…

The thing is I contain not a lick of patience, at times I can be generous with lending you my time but,very rarely will that occur. I’m always the one to mention going out and within the next two minutes, making plans for everyone around me to go along, while not considering what they intended to have done, that day. Which is quite selfish of me, another attribute I’m working on.

Again with the “I’s” one day. I would love to stop using them just to prove how unselfish I am…maybe in the future using the very word won’t bring me back to that night. Last night, when everything wrong was revealed before me. Needless to mention, not the easiest pill to swallow but through God, in every tribulation is his encouragement and guidance as well as  a sense of peace.  By doing all this, I tend to start things and in the end, lack motivation to finish them. How this has become a result still remains quite a mystery to me but, what I’ve learned is,racking your schedule in excessive amounts halt breathing room to really live and all that comes out of large amounts of planning  is unfinished projects and   mind racked with so many possibilities but, no ways of distributing enough energy to make what you wish to happen,  ACTUALLY HAPPEN.

I have faith in the fact that my mistakes are forgiven as well as my ability to turn around, with a helping hand of course.  Although, I know patience won’t always be a fun ride, I believe good things come to those who wait. Not just in getting things done but, feeling loved, feeling confident, being educated, travelling, etc..

Life in general is a waiting game. we contribute to how fast it goes and consequences that follow. If you guys could think on your next step. Whether it’s really worth being acted upon  now,  paced out over any period of time, or if living a moment of: boredom,laughter,self-amusement, honestly any predicament you’re in prior to acting, is all you need. I’d be one happy blogger;)

Down below if  you guys could let me know  your thoughts and if they resonate with this concept or if you’ve gone through some of the things I’m struggling with at the moment. I really do appreciate all of you, and would love to chat with everyone!!!

Thanks loves




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