Rant. Shell.


I never felt as if I’d ever had one to break…

The most annoying thing is when people try to talk you out of your own aspirations, or downsize your hard work. As if numbers determine  how great your work actually is. 

Maybe that’s why everyone loves La La Land… it touches on that one theme, ” to shoot for the stars and that someone, somewhere thinks you’re worth it. Which can possibly inspire a widespread of aspiring artists..

Maybe that’s why when he told me, I’d break out of my shell one day, I was out of words to respond. 

Shells… hmmm people dont have them.

maybe creatures yes, 

but we as human obtain layers that just become thicker with each new obstacle, some may fall off given events. Although never do I trade my experiences for a new. 

Which is why I don’t like the term shell…

What are some of your unfavorite words that connect backto something someone said or did? 

Or am I the only one?

I’d really like to know 

thank you loves for reading my rant!



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