What Is Sixteen…?

I still don’t know yet.

late night calls with water rushing against closed rooftops of every person underneath clouds that cry for reasons scientist lack the knowledge or belief in god to claim truth in vacant faith. Amazed by the grace that taps tin,sheltering his beloved children.

Sometimes, I like to think that we cry like clouds in attempt to release tension felt in stresses masked under lumps tucked slightly beneath our eyes…carrying messages left for society to decode. promising grants slipped to an empty minded youth.


Breathing between wrinkles of time that tick when our mind remains paused.

something like disagreement between hearts that beat on the same path unknowingly.

does he know you think of him…

Sixteen is cake.

Sixteen is understanding that lonely is only an illusion, unless you allow your mind to be consumed of thoughts that fall into that exact frame of …

“where the hell are my friends?”

we are falling like most teens are…at this age.

15 years and 2 days..

Sixteen is finding out everything yet nothing vital in the time you desire them to be

Coincidental it’s called

closeted skeletons were slowly seeking there way through unexpectdly as you, were only in a daze, daydreaming of life and how all goes up from here.

Sixteen, you are still brand new to me… a  new chapter I can’t seem to close,  24 hours a day, 365 days a year,

Two down…



More Content coming soon, Sorry for the wait guys school was a total stress but, I’m back now and hope you guys enjoy this new piece, along with the others following

Thanks loves!!



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