Just kids part II

Remember the kid you are.
You know when you’re walking through the street and something stops you. You find yourself dazed and perfectly still. It’s a certain smell. Nostalgia soon possesses your mind and you’re left with nothing but the romanticised memories of your childhood. ― That is the child within us.
When your favourite song comes on the radio while you’re driving and you pretend you’re in the music video. Dancing along with no care in the world. ―That is the child within us.
When you’re at a event and someone asks what you’re dream is and for a split second, you’re about to say it. ―That is the child within us. The fact that embarrassment stopped you and you lied instead is not the child within us.

So, why is it so important to remember the kid you are? Your child self and its unstoppable imagination is enigmatic. That child self understands the law of attraction. That child self is you. Until now. Society and its unwritten rules has banished our childlike features that still live within us and forced us to forget them. We are taught now that, rather than embracing differences and loving ourselves, its better to look and act like everyone around us and only love the fake that lies in one another. It’s important to take some time and channel your inner ambitious young and tender soul. Why do we oppress our thoughts and feelings towards our younger days? Personally, I grew up as a very crazy yet happy child. My life wasn’t perfect, and my family was suffering financially but I was such a visionary child that I had hope and was always thrilled. Why wasn’t this the case in my teenage years? Why was I suddenly a shy girl too afraid to be myself? Why did I feel ungrateful and unhappy? Why had I tried to wipe the memories of my childhood? You’re upbringing is your foundation. Whether it was happy, shitty, crazy, whatever! It’s like a cake, without the base, everything will fall apart. So why do we tell ourselves that the base is the least important. In fact, it’s the most important. I believe this is all in the mind rather than a physical problem. We feel lost. Who even are we? Who even am I? There’s this quote that goes like; “Life isn’t about finding yourself, it’s about creating yourself.” Sit for a second. No phone. No nothing. Just sit and think about yourself ten years ago, yourself two years ago, even six months ago. How much have you changed? How much have you grown as a person? Have you become less lively? I believe strongly that everything that happens to us, will have an effect later on. It shapes us in some kind of way. This is why our youth is so important. Something you did as a five year old, could be the reason you’re reading this right now. If you change your way of thinking by remembering and embracing your childhood years, you will notice that way you see the world will change. So next time you walk past the shop that’s playing your childhood favourite song, don’t let the memories stop flooding in.

Ground yourself and remember the kid you are.

– Bugify xxxx


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