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I decided to interview a couple of my loving senior friends perspectives and advice on the highschool experience and tips with you all,

Ursala, she’s a really cool hippee spunk filled type of person. Her vibes are erractic and she’s not afraid to say anything to your face, even if it’s a bit provactive. I love Urs and hope to see her succeed in her true feild:)

Mars, is the absolute best! He’s the best person to talk to about anything, litearlly comfortable is his middle name. Though this boy is fiesty, when I say feisty, I mean real feisty. Next year, or his very next school term, Mars is going to bea soloist ballet dancer, which is a big step towards his dreams and I’m so proud of him, he will be missed dearly:)

Oragne text- Mar’s responses

Black text- Ursala responses

Bolded text- Me

hope you all enjoy love

~ Wordyqueen ❤

Three tips On high school and how to get through it all

My three tips for getting through high school would probably be, find friends you’re compatible with, and find something that you enjoy doing, so you look forward to going, and just do your work

study, keep your grades up, focus

Don’t be a lazy piece of shxttt just do it, and don’t hang out with fake people…

least favorite thing about high school?

The education system and just feeling trapped all the time like, no your not allowed to leave the cafeteria, no you need a pass to go to the bathroom.


Bathrooms are nasty 

surface pros

How much drama does high school actually have and your advice on managing social vs work life?

High school only has as much drama as you lee others affect you, it depend son who you hang out with and the kind of things you worry about, like prom, and don’t hang around people who cause drama, like it’s your choice.  Also, Twenty years from now I’m not gonna look back and think oh what is ti I did in math class, and I’m also going to wanna hang out with my friends but, do what you gotta do so you can get outta here.

There’s not a lot of drama just stupid people doing stupid thing basically. Focus ore on your work life versus your social life

What’s one thing you’d change about your experience or decisions that’ve made you who your are?

I just wish I’d decided to not give a fxxk more earlier

don’t turn in your work late

What do you think people see you as?


extremely awesome

basically they say my bother is hot and i’m the cute one *


I know senior year and I get that bull crap

where are you off to next?


University of west Florida

Are you excited!?



what scares you the most?

Uh money! I don’t want to be broke and I don’t want to be a prostitute

Not graduating on time

One of the best memories?

Getting first place for three compensations  in a row for guard moving up a class and getting first place anyway

freshman year, me and my friends created this good group of Nintendo players, sophomore year with ugiohh, oh im such a nerd, senior year with prom, home coming was a little shitty but I’m going to six flags inn two days so, that should be a really god memory.

What’s one thing you know you’ll miss



If you had to do a day over again what day would it be?

First day of high school, just to see how much I’ve changed.


how have you changed from freshman year to now?

freshman year I was an awkward oh I’m so corky , I don’t know I cared about stupid things but,I didn’t know how to stand up for myself at the same time. Now I still have things I could work on but, now I’m happy with who I am and where I am in life.

I feel like when you’re a freshman you’re learning who you are and are kinda immature, so maturity grows

What’s one thing you’ve taken from attending  this particular high school

*Belches, blames it on me when my friend ask who it was*

I’ve seen many crusty bathrooms and I’ve been one without tolliet aper way too many times.

challenge yourself, don’t take the easy path


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