Sleep… something not needed given the euphroic feels feeling like a dip in and out of reality. A swimmer submerging into ice cold Water only to get up and do it over and over again. A dip also, revealing the connection that lives between two dancers, bodies bruised and ankles beat, hearts in sync…yet eyes on what lies ahead. 

Though they really only be daydreams of what’s known as happenings…

he described the words as if every letter ached the throat. Only choking on what I know as melancholia. 

Happenings occur when the mind is attempting to run from what goes on while, sitting in a quiet room with no one you know. Yesterday is lived in  the back of your brain and replayed until certain actions seem made up. The process falls back into seconds and those memories escape you, landing in the current conversations you share with others… 

happenings are passed down from the queen of an exalted mind

Don’t be shamed for everyone goes through the motions every once in a while. Knocking the process is the hard part, once you fall into habit whose to say you’ll stop tempting to numb everything by trying best not to feel at all. 

While motions halt one from creating what they believe be a purpose filled life..happenings…are too contagious..to not occur at least once in life.


I wrote this in class no…On the road. Me and my family were driving…It was a nice long night, with lights and such,I just had insipriration. Being the drain from school which needless to say has not been uncloggled just yet but soon, Thank God! Soon! 

Anyway I haven’t been feeling it at all lately! But thank you guys so much for your amazing support!! I Love each and every one of my readers:) Now be sure to submit your pieces before May 8th!!! 


-The just kids project may be long or short depending on you guys!! But thank you so much for those who have submitted already!!

Submit @nahndic@gmail.com

❤ Wordyqueen


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