April Assets



You would've had me fooled…gone within  seconds you are my blessing in disguise. Bringing meditation to my soul in times of compressed heat…April, god's gift to the world. let there be downpour of exotic relief…

April restoring my senses,  and routing my mind back to necessity.

April you would've had me fooled….here for a split seconds only taken away as may greets with new beginnings.


This is one of the best books I've ever read…okay not done yet but, still am reading, it's just really deep and poetic. Definitely a new style of writing although, vulgar in an elegant way, I'd recommend.

(at least be a 15 year old to read this, that's a high recommendation

                                          MOVIE TIME


I still own a VCR…Why? my mom just never departed from it. Ever since I was young, it's been in our possession. Me and my sister decided to buy some VHS tapes from the thrift store, about three movies each and boy I tell you. I'm so sure I prefer the feeling of popping in a VHS tape over a DVD.



I remember that one night very vividly. It was raining and I was on the phone with a friend for an extensive amount of time, enjoyable though may I add, all while painting a box. 

Yes a legit shoebox, I'd planned to fill with my thoughts, bible versus and..sticky notes.

Lauren Dayle

She's an inspring, wonderful youtuber. Who creates amazing content and I highly recommend you huys to watch. 


"She offered me roses. Red ones, they represented the heart that sunk further into the pit of dried paint, the yellow kind. The kind that shines just about the hue the sun takes on…though not quite. I once believed everyhing rightfully deserved as much color as the new hue the flowers fell into-"


Updated excerpt from notes:

 April 7th

Thank you guys so much for reading hope your April  was just as enjoyable!!

Type ya laters

~ Wordyqueen





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