Popsicle Sticks and Acne


When I hear the words spring break my mind goes to the beach, my ultimate favorite place. Only this time of year, it’s filled with half- naked teenagers, music, (I mean I love music) and food, also another favorite of mine. Though I can’t go and this happens on some occasions when my mom has work or I just fail at making plans.

And since both circumstances were in my favor this year, I was stuck home. Which isn’t too bad but, I really needed to get out my crib this week. So here a few ways I left home but, stayed 😉 if you know what I mean.


Okay, this show may even be saved for another post if by the time we return to school any controversial thoughts appear. Although this was a nice message and really intriguing/suspenseful as each hour went on, it was depressing. And depressing as in saddening enough to where I believe it could trigger ptsd for those who are going through these type of situations, but It’s a really good series. You could say I have mixed feelings on this series.  I spent a whole day and 2 hours watching the whole thing…very committed.


Okay sadly, I was assigned a 3 page essay after break, a Spanish presentation the day I return and a chem. project, maybe a week after. Though I thought why not?

A. Start and finish my Spanish project (mind you this was a Thursday, so much procrastination had been applied already)

B. I’d been on top of my chem. prior so start applying my research to the poster board

C. Fill my layout, and find my evidence to support this soon to be written easy, I failed to do Thursday and Friday at school for a particularly lazy reason.



Remember how I said, I had to get out of my crib?

See this was the only instance in which I could do so that, the dog park, and dress shopping. So, I did all this week. Me and my sis practiced our skills two days this week and I felt amazing after the process, nevermind my calfs were burning, honestly I enjoy burn doing workout, unless it’s conditioning for my school soccer team…speed and agility kills but next year, just wait they’re gonna wish they’d put me on the team this year. I currently play for a recreational team, we play against other county teams on  both saturdays and sundays, the we have pratices twice a week. My sister  also plays for a rec. team.


There’s nothing like wishing you weren’t home, accompanied by a friend so that’s what I did.


At one point this week I’d gotten a bit discouraged, only because I was bored out of my wits and lack littleto no inspiration knowing a writing competitions draft is due Monday and as you’re reading this still to be started. so with that note I was in a funk… a huge funk I mean. me not moving an inch from the bed frame as long as possible, and stuffing my face like there was no tomorrow. (yes sometimes I stress eat and don’t even notice it until I’m full.)Then, everything came down on me one by one, how everyone was having fun and my creative mind was slowly deteriorating to one of a person who lacks passion, (yes I was in that deep.) I took two naps at 12 in the morning, my funk was on and off. Some was a bit on Saturday and most today but, yes naps and staying up till 1 am which isn’t the best habit hence the acne on my face( note it’s  after 1am as I’m typing at the moment so clearly the message was ignored.) but yes, boredom is a bleep and it almost dramatically caused a needed candle and clam/ book session but I tried reading and that was worthless as well and crying. I mean I was still mad so my last resort… a popsicle.


literally the only thing that saved my wits were a nice cool lime popsicle. Yes, I thank the lord for a popsicle but, after that I was ready to go go go. In fact I did my hair and am writing a post see;) still have yet to start that draft but, at least I’m now motivated to do so.

Lesson learned, always have a popsicle stashed in your freezer.

Thank you for reading

Type ya laters

~ Wordyqueen












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