March Miracles

This month not only included obstacles for me but,within them mini miracles that helped me get through the tough times. This snack pack I’d like to call “God’s memos for me to stay serene.” I wish I had bible scriptures to provide you guys but, maybe later on for another post. Although, I have positive attributes that we sometimes take for granted that and just so happens, I treasure a bit more looking at a distance. I apologize for the lateness of this post. Honestly, I wasn’t as motivated to get anything out, which is another reason why this current post, not as original??? but my own little spin was needed and applied. As you all come to know, I love authenticity.. so let’s get into it 🙂


Humanly Motion


If there’s one thing I love is seeing someone I love or enjoy spending quality time with smile. Through stressful times it’s necessary to practice this action, if not able to do it yourself surround yourself with others who at least try to implement, induldge or crack open this gateway to pleasure.

There’s not much information on this other than it comes around when it wants to.

Mind Relaxers

Stella Rae’s Podcasts

-She’s more laid back but, that’s what made me continue listening, she made it seem as if the process to solving your own issues were simple

Messy Head Podcasts

Love Love Love, the Messy Heads can’t explain why which my sound bad but…trust me listening to Emma’s podcasts will surely relax all tension, as well as provide you insight on different things going on within her life, as well as the lives of others (my inspiration)


There’s something about just sitting in a library that brings me peace. I don’t have to read anything, I could just, think about nothing while watching the trees and know that everything will be just fine

Long Walks

After school, I have this new habit of walking to the library while listening to my indie tunes on soundcloud, literally it’s the music hub for life. I highly recommend it. Above I’ve linked one of my playlists:))

Sweet Things

Black Tea with Brown sugar

Peanut Butter Sandwiches

What’s New


An online platform created for youth to display their writing skills and receive feedback from others. You could also enter writing contests and work on different prompts to help healthy build. I’m new on it and like it so far, so you guys should check that out.

Let me know your thoughts below I’m thinking about doing this every month or once every 2 months and keep tabs on the different foods, music,writings, movies, and events that conunteract with my month and the ways I deal with good and ugly.

Type ya laters;)

~ Wordyqueen










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