Where I’ve been

It’s been a week I believe…2 posts behind but I hope all will make up for it I’ve been busy… an excuse we all use when motivation lacks and you can’t ever get tired of the bed calling your name on days you’re doing simply…fine.

March 16th

Me and my chemistry class went to the world of Coke…

First Times

I’d be the 12th or 10th person to say it but, this trip was an experience and leave it at that. Because not all experiences have to be sumed up in descriptions…some like this one was not needed.

…Soda is one word and the others, include yawn…yum..and yes.


I got a chance to leave school and try about 100 or so flavors of wonderful soda, sleep between bus rides and shiver in march’s windy cold front.

The middle finger on my left hand  had gotten frost bite… and was literally white for at least 20 minutes straight and  another following after that…


MY friend’s and I were all glued to each other’s hip traveling from station to station, discovering different activites in each.



Finally after, we arrived at the varsity down town for lunch…45 minutes later for the most loveable greasy fries i’ve ever tasted popped out of fresh oil and was served. All mine, with a side chili cheese dogs and washed down pib extra 😉


At the end of it all my  nap seemed to be the most wanted on the ride back.


That Saturday…



as in “Hispanic OragnizationPromoting  Education”

We had a conference to attend that happens every year around the same time.

This year was the 6th annual meeting and I could not pass it up seeing the majority of my peers were encouraging many of us to come…so I went. I went and I learned…

I learned that there be a loving side in the hispanic culture, that for every hurray and roll of tongue be a celebration of just experiencing life.

Little background about me I currently take Spanish 3 Honors at my school and do plan on continuing with the language, that I do ocassionally speak it amongust my peers and plan to do so more often than currently, choosing it as my second language…I’ve been told I speak  it well 😉


Enough about me though, this conference had everything to do about the well being of the millenial. Where out minds are at this stage, where we see ourselves in the next few years, whatever our plans may be the steps needed  in order to succeed.


There were two hosts…David and Angela. The two are happily in love, married and have a baby on board, which I believe is very beautiful.

Both hosts talked about what success looks like through 3 different segments all touching on different topics, Lead, Love, and Laugh.

David started with Lead. He chatted with us about how he and angela built this organization from strach and the key compnets to being a leader.

  1. To be humble- this alone will get many far in life.
  2.  Have hunger for your desires in life.
  3. Not be defeated when things get tough
  4. Not to be intimidated- that many of the millenials have grand ideas that are not supported because of our age, that we must not be brought down because some don’t believe in us. That as long as we believe in ourselves, we can do anything.


Angela spoke on how we view ourselves. That we must stop criticizing and embrace every speck that separates us from any other human being, that we must love ourselves before stepping into relationships that drain. And the most important…nothing is worth taking your life, that you are important and serve a purpose even if that purpose isn’t served just yet, that you matter.


The two hosts joined together and talked about laughter and how many trials in life will become humourous once we have grown from them.

Overall the conference was refreshing and put into perspective my personal goals and ways I could strive for them.  It got me thinking about how I affect the everyday life of someone that I may not know who has situations going on and how just being a bit more in tune with my surroundings and more generous with everyday passing, can make a difference in someone’s life.

I thank you guys so much for reading this post and promise more content in the future, I challenge you to meet a stranger and just be nice for no apparent reason, see where the conversation takes you and comment your experince below ,I’d love to hear either that or  just tell me of a time when you just being generous  changed someone’s day and their reactions.

Type ya laters




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