Letter to a stranger

His cheeks rosy from exhaustion and sweat, heart pumping, knees knocking. He’s running. What for? 

I don’t know.

 A letter to the male I met for a split second in my head while he was rushing, i assume away from somthing…

Dear Boy

A pack is on your back, and converse dress your toes. You looked scared and I can’t tell what for, but weary as you are…keep running till you get to where you’ve got to go.
what lies ahead in life remains unknown unless you go for it,wherever  you’re rushing to I hope it has purpose… something we need that contains passion and motivation to keep on.

Have you ever stared into someone’s eyes and assumed that they’d always be there no matter what? I have a habit of doing so imaging the words once we seperate be..

“The space that lies between us two living no matter how many oceans deep, my prescence be the face glued to a phone cord or pen and paper awaiting the many adventures we have yet to discover.”…And if you remember me I will never forget you.”

I wish the me imaging these words would wake up…sometimes And  its crazy, that I’m simply scribbling everything that has nothing to do with whom I’ve directed them to.

You. Whom I not able to recognize from the lanky legs to the red hair…to the unordinary position while hunched over ,with a worried look and no sense of direction … to the cheeks rosy from exhaustion, knees knocking, and heart pumping.

To the invisible breaths I know for sure you’re heaving in and out because no one is ever in shape now adays…to my brain that doesn’t always appreciate the thoughts roaming about…to this letter I’ve written to a stranger who knew nothing about…


Double post today sorry I was out:))



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