Definitions Of Happy ….

Happy can be defined in many ways…sometimes that one word is hard to describe due to it being an ordinary emotion felt since birth…I assume.

I asked 5 people how they would define happy, and what in life makes them happy…at the end I answered the same question just for you to receive perspective on my opinions on the subject…not at all was I prepared for this…

This is Marley^

– Umm oh geesh okay, I guess I define happy as a feeling I get where I don’t think about anything else except for what I’m doing right then, so when I’m really happy I’m usually with people or sometimes I’m alone and I just kinda  feel at peace in the moment for a couple minutes or like an hour or so, it’s that feeling I guess that I  would consider happy.

Being with my friends… I know it’s really obvious but being around genuine people who I know love and support me are definitely something that makes me happy, umm especially when I’m with my dad because he’s working most of the day so when I get the hour with him it’s always really happy. Also, I get really excited when I read a book that’s really good and has a like a crazy plot twist and I get so excited and its yeah and those are some things that make me happy.



The feeling that you get the warmness inside your heart

what makes me most happy is being around people that I love.



I don’t know I guess its like when you have no regrets and you’re at peace with yourself.

…I think its when I’m hanging out with my best friends as well as when I’m reading a book or watching  drama, something like that.



Being true to yourself by having a positive attitude towards yourself and others.

When I’m watching anime at home, I can relate to the show and it’s really fun to watch.


Happiness is an emotion you get when your surrounded with a bunch of joy and loved ones and umm its a concept that takes a lot to build on. When you’re in a bad place or a dark place but, I think happy will always be there like there’s always a happy, you find it in different things you enjoy doing or different people you enjoy being around and even within yourself you can find happiness and stuff like that.

What makes me happy is being around my friends umm, watching reality tv I don’t know why but, I’m just like so happy and eating like comfort food like marshmallows and ramen noodles with crackers.


I would like to thank you all for reading another one of my segments, please feel free to leave below your thoughts on these types of posts…as i will be coming up with more of them like this hopefully in the future







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