Where I’ve Been…Kinda

Let’s just catch up on where I’ve been lately. Maybe it’s because after the ending of school, my inspiration has slowly rolled itself into a crumpled paper ball and has had a semi-difficult time in unraveling itself or the fact that I’m actually appreciating life for what it is,that I haven’t found the exact time of when to write specifics. Which I cannot even think of at the moment to relay to you guys. But, that’s honestly no excuse and you deserve more. I want to make it clear that my brain process was totally unintentional, not that I’m not happy I am a functioning human being, who reacts to whatever God provides in my favor or whatever obstacle that’s put in my path to tackle. Hehe, a little sarcasm there. 

As you can tell I’ve been a bit more chatty about my belief in the lord. And it is now that I realize my subscribers hardly know anything about me. Over the course of time I’ll allow things to unravel themselves because this is a natrual process and what way to kill it by throwing it all out there. I don’t know if everyone agrees with it but, it’s me:)

Although there are vital things I believe you deserve to know, If you guys want I could answer any personal questions about myself, in the comment section below or comment if you’d like a Q&A post!

A few pics that represent my time spent, now i know this post didn’t explain much but, I promise next post will be better.

Thank you loves for understanding 


Instagram: @Wordyqueen


I really don’t tweet though, :))



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