This is a post that has a title having nothing to do with the words involved…

A body dragged through the crowd of expectations and couldn’t think of a reason not to cry..everything led up so beautifully then disarrayed itself on the ground, Presenting bold colors of what was. Like a ballon filled with helium suddenly popping in the air, spreading out its insides to keep composure. Knowing the very next step kept its rubber material attached to the ground and lacked the necessities to keep its indefinite frame floating above …

Disappointment sucks

There’s nothing that’ll commence the weakening thoughts of a mind that only strives success, like disappointment.

And its okay… its okay because this is life and things happen. It’s okay because sometimes a bad thing makes the party involved stronger. It’s okay only because I know that, sooner or later I’ll jump right back. Just…not today.

It’s okay because I know I’m only benefiting by putting on a strong face when disappointed. That the events turned in anyone else’s favor but mine. Though, its what you need, and I trust your word. I  find that selfless by not complaining to you of the anticipation built, that’d left my breath and body in mere seconds of your now known revelation…”im good.” And realizing this sooner more than later because you just can’t wallow right… still living. Not contemplating on what’s not here, just focusing on what is.

Ask me again, I’ll say im great and you’re here and that’s all that matters.

Instapic: @colorgroove

Sorry for late update, I was wound in life this week, ily guys..type ya laters




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