A world without looks

I’m adorable… or cute..never sexy or hot or smoking.  “Bad”, is the new term our millineal men would call it… I’m neither of those…

Nor am I outspoken when I’m talking to the one I’d rather spend my time with. Though working on that…not everything turns in my favor..

 who you are or how you see yourself now isn’t always going to be that way later..One day you may say “wow” or the next day, “woah” … depending on your personal thoughts and practice of loving yourself. 

And Not everything comes naturally believe it or not, and sadly something I think should come naturally (no matter how hypocritical I can be at times with this topic.)

Another thought about this whole  aspect is that looks, play a huge part in building relationships even something as simple as holding a 5 minute conversation.. for instance

You see someone with smooth hair .

*first thought*

Like silk..

 ..like the silk my mother bought that year she got her first raise, the floral cloth hanging daintly by the wind to help it withstand the indefinte shape…

 And her lip color 

*Second thought*

looks like raspberries to me…

I remember a time I enjoyed raspberries during the summer, at grandmas house by the poolside.

Other Parts be nostalgia, ranting on about something happening previously in your life, creativity, advice, and my second favorite..flirting.

But…looks aren’t just looks…

 If you take looks away from the world, yes you would have just minds but nothing to describe those minds forget the beautiful because that word…wouldn’t exist.

In my opinion, man has had to see  beautiful first in order to come up with a name for something of the sort. You can’t start off hearing beautiful, writing beautiful, smelling beautiful.. (if that last one is even possible) without adding an image. It all connects back to symbols and the names going along with them. Like How the word delightful and joy are often connected to people smiling… why?… because while in mist of the moment some odd wiz guy started shouting words at the top of his lungs to represent what he saw… and how it made him feel. 

(Okay maybe I’m wrong on the technicalities but you get what I’m trying to say)

Now on the other hand words like music are tied to sounds..different  conversation though.

To further explain myself “beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.”  and looks play a huge part in the whole creative part of our brains, the intellectual, the undying color, the attribute that makes us more interesting, and all the descriptive words we use… mostly drawn from what we see and how it makes us feel. And notice I say what we see…as in ones eyes not three, we as in you, as in individual…see with your eyes only when defining what’s beautiful and what’s just living.

If you have a hard time defining the term think of it this way..

Beautiful can’t live…it’s a word

But the living can be beautiful…any and every living thing can be beautiful and it doesn’t make a difference rather its one or two people who think so because what makes beauty is what one has the ability to see.


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