A letter to laugh

“Carpe diem”
Carpe diem… earlier  I wrote a poem, it goes along with the meaning of this but I don’t know if pasting it here will be just WRITE. I’ve noticed that as I grow so does my height, and in comparison as my blog grows so does the awareness that I have an actual audience, funny huh..

Sorry it was mainly just a passing thought but.. my friend is really cool… we had met at the beginning of this month…i think… honestly don’t know why I feel the need to blog about this but, I will. And am titling this… 

“A letter to laugh”

Hopefully you will laugh if you’re reading this because that’s kinda my intention, well partially, the other half being that it’s 1:42am and I couldn’t think of what to do so…I just did this..

Oh hey yea dear Vance, 

Yes, I used your name on this public website. It’s okay because one day when I’m famous, you’ll repsect the one time favor for free publicity. I forgot to tell you my first impression when I met you or my first thoughts but, since its 45 after going on 2:00, why not do both? 

So…my first thought was that you looked pretty chill, and could not be from Georgia. Also, that you were a nice guy.

 First impression on the other hand…

lol jk you were sweet, easy to talk to, the first in a while to carry actual conversation may I add, don’t tell anyone I said that lol. But, you were also, goofy and funny. Though I felt like you were somewhat too cool for me at one point…

Just a smidge, until I heard you laugh.

Yep so there’s my letter, kinda short but, I wasn’t lying when I said I’d dedicate a blog post to you😂 ..

Umm for my readers see ya next post:)

~ wordyqueen



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