Prying Into Young Minds…Intro or End?

I’ve been working on this project for a few days now. . Maybe it’s temporary or just to dip into something different but,I thought since the season of love is coming up why not inquire about the few meaningful things in life or touch up on topics of the self. Immediately, I wanted to know more about the minds of my own friends or people I converse with on a day to day basis.

I Know what you’re thinking wouldn’t you already know if speaking with them day to day is a given, and to answer that “no”not exactly.

This day and age, expression is well…kept to ones self is how I’d explain it or  isn’t as ideal a conversation something we’d usually have. Some questions are weird or funny but serve a purpose, I also attempt to get opinions of those I don’t know or vaguely speak to or have lost touch with other the past few months and to be honest it’s not the hardest thing but never wrecking because you never know what a person is going to say, also many don’t know what to say at first because they’ve never given any thought or don’t like to share everything with everyone. Like I said, this day and age expression expands and is delivered in many different ways but, being direct about feelings isn’t always the case, and even if it that was the case none of if these natural everyday questions.

To wrap this ramble up some of these answers surprised me, others saddened me but, overall this was a nice experience and I’d love to do more stuff like this. Hope you guys enjoy…what I call Prying into Young Minds.

Questions are bolded

answers are italicized

in between are my descriptions from the outside just to bring my readers into the atmosphere I was experiencing at the time.

pictures are taking days after the fact my mistake, if there be a future for this segment I will be sure to take pictures at the scene…Thank you and enjoy..


These are teenagers… so being vague about feelings is, protocol hence me going deeper into the questions…

In the learning commons something like a library but not totally  (more technology than actually books)…

“what’s one thing you want but can’t have?( nothing materialistic)”

A fulfilling career and a good life

World peace

To have a connection with someone 

“Why do you think that is?”

The basics of your life is important  to do what you want to do

I can’t have it because there are too many people and too many different mindsets, that can be both good and bad. Good because you can both diversity and expand perspective but bad because it’s hard to agree on things. 

Because, it’ll make me feel like I’m helping someone and not only myself 

“what do you believe you need in order for that to happen to you?”

*scoffs*  I don’t know, a miracle.

“You like helping people right?”

nods head..yeah

“why do you view it that way?”

I feel like it’s impossible, it’s easy for everyone else…

“so you find it hard to connect with others?”

nods head..

can we not answer any more questions?

alright, just one more..

A good education, and figuring out what’s most meaningful

Choose your battles. You can’t have world peace but, inner peace. 

“Do you believe anything else in this world  could outweigh your desire for this?”

Having a family.

No, because it’s idealistic…nobody looks for conflict


“Why does this have so much meaning to you?”

the work you do affects your life and what you’ll do

^^ I think she meant happiness…

I just don’t like people to be unhappy and suffer but, that’s always gonna happen. 

…Thank you guys for reading stay tuned for  part II!!

If you’d like comment, below your own answers to these questions as I’d love to know the amazing minds of my readers..

-Type ya laters

~ Wordyqueen


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