Something Real


Sometimes I see a version of myself in different people. I know It’s weird but  in a way I feel we are all connected, lessons learned or lived, I can feel others and love through pure enjoyment of being surrounded by another human beings…it’s scary sometimes, knowing that getting too attatched or hurt is a possibility.And in  unusual ways I have a tendency to feel deeper than others. 

To me emotions don’t just surface or mellow out, the moment isnt just felt but, in a way becomes one. ..

In the mist of laughing I’ll go off in my head about how funny this is to me and how I’ll always cherrish the ones I’m spending my time with in that particular moment, my mind will go blank and next thing you know I’m still laughing.

 At what??

Well, the joke still stuck in my head repeats. I have a dry sense of humor so something completely dumb is the funniest thing to me. Though those words are never  forgotten… they stick..until i can’t remember them anymore…

The images in my head are vivid and once I get home, I replay them over and over again that is, if I’m not occupied with anything else.

And not meaning to get off track but I do believe those in which we choose to befriend we see some of ourselves in…and why this would be any different is not a crazy idea. 

We say we want to connect and love different but we choose the same mindset sometimes we’re struggling to understand, or love or just deal with.



And that’s the reality of it. Us running from ourselves to someone like us. And there’s nothing wrong with familiarizing yourself with something you can find comfort in at times but… the whole point in the journey of life is centering  into new mindsets and creating memories you’ll never forget due to the deranged personalities you’ve met over the years. Only because they are nothing like you…totally different, in fact loving you for you because you make them feel something, maybe something you never knew.

some secrect…

Something new..


~ A person guiding one into a world of eyes disparate from their own.

Thank you guys for reading my update, this and some other things I’ve been working really hard on. And I really hope you guys enjoy the segments I am proud of. Comment below your thoughts or your opinions about this topic until then…
~type ya laters




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