10 am thoughts..

This is my third occurence with colored candy canes in a week…

Hey you guys so school was a total bust… as usual, nothing truly different, im surrounded by people I’ve come to look up to in different ways and love under conditions…

Lol idk if that sounds right but I love em..

Lots and lots of changes has happened to each and every one of us…


Yet we are all  entitled to differnt ways of coping…Mine personally is, stressing even more.  No it doesn’t soothe me but a habit I call a mechanism becasue once I’ve  done it, I realize I need to stop at some point. Literally I will set aside hw to deal with my feelings… I feel that  health/sanity is more important than idk homework.

So one thing that helps me is my journal…

“Cliché” I know, I’ve probably used that word way to many times on this site but its not gonna stop me from saying it once more…my journal has taken time to get comfortable with…much time. Honestly, I felt it was just a book you wrote in when you were feeling down, and it sucks when thats the only thing you use it for it’s like swallowing a depressant pill with each page, and no one wants to look back on those memories… still im getting use to the idea of thoughts…

Funny fact, I owned a journal when I was about 6 years old…it got stolen and destroyed, so I no longer have it or really got to write that much in it but, if I had to make a wild guess…I think I wrote songs…lol i remember singing during primetime (this afterschool program) and I made up lyrics while looking out the window and singing to myself..I was a unique child looking back at that memory.

 Though just yesterday I started carrying around sticky notes to just jot down my thoughts when I felt I couldn’t share them or face anyone without sounding strange  they live in my jacket pocket and  eveytime something runs through my head I write, then paste it in one of my three?? journals… it feels good…

Oh and I hope you guys don’t mind my next few posts are gonna be a bit different I’ve been working on some stuff , explination for late update but  I hope you’ll like it, type ya laters;)




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