Welcome to failure… Welcome to a bunch of I’ sorries and you still got this. Welcome to a  slew of motivational speeches you wouldn’t even had known existed, if it wasnt for your own consious. Or the skill set, being what you produce. And I don’t want to put up with it any more I’m trying my hardest but apparently it wasn’t enough, good players are on the team but cuts happen. Cuts happen they told me, cuts for someone who hasnt been on the school team yet thank you. Thank you for giving me the chance to be put through rigiorus workouts only not to have a spot and shoving my doubt into a pocket,stressing on the rights and wrongs you have to beat the odds when all I want is to play breaking out in hives of bad vibes no one wants to stare me in the eyes for a second…and i dont blame them! thank you parents… for not only apologizing  but telling me my mistakes after the fact.

 I don’t  care if the world has no sugar but please coat my life line of immaturity so that i can be happy even if its not what you want…

 and im disappointed, its embarrsing when someone asks howd it go and you have to tell them you didnt make it. Maybe itwasn’t  the amount of spots but the skill on the other hand and then what’s them to think huh…that oh yeah since you didn’t initally make anything, your good…i don’t know so.

But another thing I have learned…

Is no matter how many times you fall..

You always…have to..get




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