Lord of the flies..

Isn’t it weird when you look at people from a different light…one day they can be the kindest person and yet another day morf into a barer of bad granting and though it may seem like I’m rambling about someone you can’t depict or don’t even know truly exists (they do) just …listen. 

Today in literature we were speaking on the topic of what’s known as man’s illness. The ability to do such harmful things to one another or become savage. How implementing consequences and the “threat” of conscious may be the only thing causing us humans to choose good instead of bad. Also, how taking away civilization, leaving us stranded like in the book we’re reading(lord of the flies) could change our actions or delude our minds to doing mainly what a pyshcopath would do… kill and savage.

I don’t know why but the topicis too  interesting not to speak on any further.

  Many in my class had brillant ideas tying back to where we start as kids, not thinking much of what we do. One of my classmates pointed out that we don’t think as much and as we get older our conscious develops. Many agreed with this fact that being if there were no consquences to our wrong doings, we wouldn’t be ashamed of them. I have to say they made brillant points and I do too agree.  But, a peice of me contradicts with the points being made, yes we’re all born sinners…but I feel there’s a peice of good in every living soul no matter how tiny it may be. The good may be only a second to entact a fake smile or wave or intrest in another human being. Although used for wrong doing the ability to be generous is within the person. And yes actions are also based on the motives behind them no matter how many times you smile…I’m guessing the hope inside of me can’t shut up enough to realize true evil lives in the world, as well as true mean. I know it aounds crazy…I wish wvery one could get along and just be without chaos but that’s also insane..

Be sure to comment  your own opinions on the topic below and reasons why you’d agree or disagree or come up with a new predicament totally for a stranded civilization in distress. I  thank you guys for reading and will type you next time;)…



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