Warm winter…

The beaming rays are sure to project the brightness displayed underneath the cafeteria doors. Her smile fades as coaxed friends  turn sour and by breaking away the conflict. A peice of her heart flies away to mend the problems, unfalted. At least not the falt in herself did she see , as the blame lies on the person least affected by the issue.  Walking down the stair case. memories start to burn her fingertips through the hot rails of old times she begins to track back  faces of her past. .tripping on the orange peel left from months ago though not an orange peel at all…but an image of the day he spoke phrases she’d love, which is a lot to think about since, Bitterness visits the silence that passes by between the two and time can only tell when change will take place…so this is it… 

Its all behind us though the secrects of what was assumed to be love left..uncharted. Aimlessly mistaken as something that wasn’t.

when has this not happened? natural this action is called so,natural though the message you sent stays true to my mending heart…love is in the eyes not the heart, in the voice not the speech, in the effort not the results…. 

but now.

its warm outside and January and its freaking beaming like srping and All I wanted was cold, for the air to pass my pores with very  strong currents taking me farther than my mind is able to reach in heat. Although the mud points out the evident… warm winters turn hearts weak…as weak as the patient with no medicine who sits in the hospital bed waiting for care to make their souls match the pasty smile created with jello and hopes of feeling as alive as the people who play outisde the window. The locked window trapping so much light that can’t help but shine through this warm winter that cries poetry with every sunrise… except…this time the setting doesn’t match the emotion, and the emotion is inevitable no matter how many years the winter remains warm, the memories are in tact andthe naked   leaves on the trees of time yell the exact opposite of what is desired…

THANK YOU GUYS FOR READING I HOPE YOU ENJOY…I also enjoy reading your comments so if you do just a big thanks you guys for support, im trying my hardest to create enjoyable content, nit only for myself but my audience…but i appreciate all the support:))) write you next time;)



    1. Mainly from what i feel within that setting of time or within that week of me writing, uhh also, other peoples experiences not so much recently but vaguely sometimes, and…my views on how some situations are dealt with:)

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