Pulling the roots that wouldn’tbe able to stand without water there is  fustration shown inside her but… she stands straight…the outer world is begining to look through her.  No shes not invisible..but expected to be there she always is there and who the hell wants her there…the forecasts can leak brightest skies and she would be standing in the mist of it all  soaking every speck speaking the core living within.  though …thin the wisps go through her and the forecasts no longer linger to represent the she sought prior.  Feeling blue inside  she was once blue and damn that day … I tell you tears were streaming no this isn’t cliché, call it cliché and the blue on her face will show so close that, you may even get sucked in by the sadness appearing on the outside itself. Out if this world she is…mind wanders farther from her present and raptured in the inevitable possibiles tiliting on the ladder that only ends in reality. 

 But that day she fell under. Present thoughts click with pulse. Beating, breathing, being she becomes… uneven. Somehow…someway…nothing remains the same. 



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