Inner Workings…

Unposted of 2016..and First writing of 2017…

June 26th 2016

BLUE (why the title? idk.)

The site of the sea sends chills down my spine that radiate theough my body like no wave has ever done before. The sand sunken between my toes makes me want to scream but the rocks that slip in the cracks of my bones filling me up with warmth I know comes from the sun sending a smile to my cheeks. The segulls cry out my name in a cheerful way that only i can hear,causing me to lose doubt of my own thoughts as I get lost in the mist of the beach. The strawberry ice cream cone becomes sweeter with every lick,that since its gone i almost throw a fit. 

July 1st 2016

I personally hate haikus,and that’s only because I find them hard to create,like why all that challenge to fit thoughts into a limit a phrase limit on a specific subject at that, so I thought why not challenge myself for fun a 5,7,5

So here it if you like:)

Pain ebbs comfort here

Happiness became a fear

Doubt restores senses

September 24th 2016

For a sad case you sure do know how to grab my attention. Not like the other ones the ones that are quiet, who sit and listen to the surely rude words roll of the tip of my tongue like honey slowly awaits for the bottle to be tipped fully in order to…
…sorry I never finished that one 

November 18th 2016

I am constantly craving to be heard, constantly craving to be wanted, and craving at the moment to be embraced, craving to feel how I feel at the momentI want more.

December 15 2016

Here. I want to be here but im there trapped between the pupils that are held within his round shaped eyes, the words are coming out of his mouth and all i can think about is if his lips were connecting wih mine… this moment. This moment has passed into seconds and seconds to minutes  making each statement harder for me to concentrate on the words running out, but i catch up and continue… this is what im talking about i think, i can’t stop my lip from biting my lower one and i know he’s staring…staring to see what happens when happiness hits my core and this is it. This may be the moment I tell him…i dont know yet.

January 3rd 2017

Impressions altering decisions

Her skirt is flowing, flowing like the violets do in the wind… beautiful why can’t I be that beautiful, i want to flow in the wind on days there is no sun and all that lays are purple petals on the fresh cut grass . desiring nothing but whats left of the soft tips gently pulled from an unseen force. Felt as it is and felt i want to be so buying the flowing skirt shouldn’t be a problem for me. I’ll sew it to my body if that means being seen as the one for keeps yet strong and determined to travel anywhere her mind lugs to be. But lugs isn’t the right term for simply grazing hands across that skirt would grant one with a feeling so light…Airy.

Airy felt my head would be, keeping anyone from wanting stay with me although i won’t mind at all because thoughts that once filled in my head would cease, leaving me to simply be in the garden of peace.

Just be without a care…just be.

Oblivious to the beauty captivating hearts containing interest in other beings, leaving fear and premonition to speak for my tongue pointing out a dagger towards all who care for me. And maybe this change will make me a flowing being out in the sun with petals picked off laid across the fresh cut grass with no feeling just impressions of life loving the image perhaps distorted…not exactly gone.


So umm i sorta don’t know how I’ve grown as a writer if anyone anybody can take notice in these peices and idk specify my growth here…if there’s any? Btw all these peices i wrote when there was no inspo whatsoever ans i had to pull my imagination from the sky:/ so um sorry if they’re not all that…again tough times 



  1. I can’t explain how you’ve become a better writer. Your stories always and poems are so heartfelt. The way you put words together are amazing to me and you’re so young. I can only imagine how great you’re going to be! ☺❤


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