Sleep deprivation

There’s no crying here but the tears feel a millisecond a way fromtraveling  down the cheek well tended to. Lotions, not her secrect but warm pillows and mugs of tea, the world may never know of. Plenty of time to dwindle and waste on tv  but, her intrest has risen in something a bit more…daring… and its sleep. 

But not just any sleep.

Deprivation~ the lack or denial of something considered to be a necessity.

The clock ticks as her eyes droop into upside down U’s and her yawns start to lack a rthym, just one after the other they come like a continum of dominos well constructed. Last but not least the second before she falls asleep a ghosts visits her. “Tell me what you want my love” the tiny winged creature says to her.. “to walk through time and change my life” she says every night when 5:00 strums. The ghost then grins and repeats the same line Unknowingly of having done this many times before. “Okay but be cautious the reptious process of living through life again can be upsetting dear and though you may change it you can never forget the truth lying beneath all the memories you’ve repaired.” Okay the girl says readily. Eyes burning with the sensation of excitement, only to halt when then ghost of time utters something out of there routine…” love is like flowers very delicate deary, the thing you musnt forget is no matter how hard you try attempting to turn the attention of love from someone else onto you, can cause great trouble. And just like that the fairy was gone and the girl got her chance. Trapped she became as every night was the same memories of her encounters of the grasping her desires only to have them slip between the wrinkles in her night gown, and evry night at 5 was she wake to see them slip again and again until the next day.  

“How are you” her old friend stopped by one night…”deprived” she responded.



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