Ramblings 03 


I’ve been practicing with camera angles…and have discovered that I have a habit of setting a certain amount of expectation.One that often leads me to non-stop stressing until I get the results I want or nearly push myself to the extent of being underwhelmed and fed up of situations due to my par of how I believe things should turn out.


All of this …this whole mouthful  from taking what i percieved as “simple” shots on a camera.

I just feel I’d share this with you guys along with some of the shots I took on my new camera:))

Comment below something you’ve discovered about yourself after a certain event or reaction to similar situations gone unoticed until something came up.



    1. Oh lol yes relate! I overanalyze and rethink and daydream after a lot of events especially if i felt vulnerable or sensitive in that particular situation..but sure ill take that advice into consideration:)) sorry if it feels like im rambling my friend hasnt texted me back and is most in likely sleeping so im a bit ramblyy

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