I’ve watched a lotta tv today considering the last day of finals and my getting out it was called for in my opinion. Season 2 episode 18,gilmore that tv show:))
 anyway my last few things to do include reading other bloggers posts,commenting, scrolling through instagram,snapchat, and maybe text people if I haven’t already touched up on that. Sorry nothings poetic today just you know the top of my head, no additional feelings but the ice cream i ate with marsh mellows cookie dough, chocolate bits,blueberries, caramel and thoughts of this guy but apparently I’ll have to wash that down with sleep and maybe just you know, fall down a flight of stairs before I mention any more emotions I may or may not have. Still indecisive because what would a writer be without differemt mind sets and viewpoints to look from…anyhow I don’t think I have but thank all of you for your continuous support and if you havn’t noticed I’m on a blogging streak:)) trying to keep it up but yes Thank you for everything keep doing whatcha doing, type ya next time and if any of you wanna follow my socials click here. If not acessible my links are below at the very bottom of the page.


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