This year has been eye-opening to many. Before entering my sophomore year of high school I was told that this would be the most boring year of your life. I denied the fact that others before me had said the same and a junior the previous year told me this is the time when procrastination sings it's heart out for the cracks to be stepped on causing the mistakes to be started and the regret to consume the innocent body …for the tardy bell to become an announcement singing your name…for your heart to be ripped into two by all the lessons you learn within 16 years of your life…except i'm not 16 yet and I have yet to experience this..at least that's what I thought or denied earlier. Not wanting for the cries of helplessness to be heard while I whimper in realization that, I've been in a brick building holding nearly a thousand kids running wild with cultures, colors,creativity and life and I'm just…me. in the mist of it all i'm just me.  Stuck on stupid it was hard enough for me to believe every thing said until finally  a rush of bordem hit while,reading a  story of "Eurydice"  in English class. thinking to myself  how it is to be so foolish believing difference is what I breathe. How when I'm  lving the same consistent actions of others to be stripped of how much paint is spread within their hands though I appreciate those who have dyed their head with colors. There's nothing more like a memo to stay alive and be the inside that hardly projects itself on the outside without a push from the reflection that speaks, or a simple friend, answering the question to " do I look okay?".

Getting off track here…a decade.. I've been here for a decade and coming up to the end of just half of what more has to be shown to me the 22nd of  December today marks the day of clarity.  I guess is what can be summed up despite the standards I live up to and the constant pushing of others is that those who want to be i your life will stay, that its okay to not be confident on decisions every once in a while, try out new things even if you are unsure and indecisive, everyone needs a little push, tell others how you feel before unsaid words become gaps of hesitation in conversation filled with regret, take care of yourself, and prioritize.







  1. It’s amazing how wise you are, you’re an old soul. You have a great sense of self, something I definitely didn’t have at fifteen years old! Simple Amazing! 😊☺😉

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