There are better days… my quote everyday for the past month my best days are ahead never could’ve been said best by the ones who run my school( literally) one of the falculty makes sure to say it to every student who passes by their classroom and persists even with those who have attitudes which I don’t get but…I thank. November. If I could sum up the time spent on nothing I personally feel benefiting me I would but I can’t because with every task at hand lies a goal, even if the task at hand seems…frivolous. Not to mention all the work put in to gain bags and  lack of creativity. But, I’d like to think I’ve learned lessons along the way,ones I couldn’t tell you at the moment to be blunt but ones that do come with a lot of contemplating.

Heres a ..prompt I found online


One eye can see 5secs into future while other eye can see 5secs into the past…

My answer

I never imagined one stagnant persepctive..

One type of living,one view on must be hard to get by when all you know is what you’re presented with. Unlike me where my past shadows the vivid images plastered in the nook of my mirror every morning, I mean i try to eun away but all the colors catch up with me and I can no longer wnjoy just one setting…at one time. Not the least of my problems but a wish granted that every one wants…to forsee what lies ahead in this world they call Dark… I still cannot comprehend this foreign word, or the meaning that lie benath something so short yet deep  sounding,  as if a pit has been dropped on the comprehension lying within that’s hidden from me and  in the middle of it I stand, battling out the sunken creatures of nonexistent identities.

Though I have my cloud. The present isnt anywhere near me … only two eyes paying attention to whats behind and in front of me.

My life is like the face without a mouth…unsettling yet uncertain as to if this is what natural is suppose to be.



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