The proccess that comes with letting go.. 

The whispers have become louder than the last time I allowed my voice to even carry as much as an echo. The cave in which we speak repeats it self over for the ones whi have ears to listen to. Bad places carry bad sounds, carrying bad vibes carrying bad choices carrying bad feelings turning you into a person I no longer want to whisper with. And if whispering brings you to be distraught with the meanings, that roll of my tongue coming natural to me as breathing air through the very lungs, that sings out the words my very head thinks, that pays attention to body lanuage more than you think…is miserable to withstand by any means…tell me. 

I don’t want an apology for your decisiveness.

 just for wasting my time, which could’ve been used up to think of someone better than what you offer to mouth to me. And please dont give me that nahndi please crap because I’m tired of playing games I dont know the rules to. In fact I stopped hop scotch years ago, my feet got tired and my brain couldn’t take the heat of what’d been expected out of me. The rock in which i threw to determine my future became too much.


Its now 11:44pm I’m so tired that as I was preparing to type a new promt my eyes gave up on me but I knew i had to get something out there so this is about 2 days old.. Honestly I dont like throwing old thoughs into the atmosphere unless they’re still evident, which its true that they are it’s just the situation in which I put myself into constantly I apparently was through. Or so said but I say now even though I said two days ago and nothings done but i believe in myself this time or at least I think…learning to let go of people can be the hardest thing especially, when you care or you share at least 5 good memories,but sometimes too many bad ones over shadow the good or too many incidents leaving a hole of uncertainty.. it’s not worth it, its not worth it and bearing it won’t help the situation..but the most important thing to remember is that you did’t give up…you just




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