ReVeSheTwa/What love is like


Never mind. Never mind that now since I’ve been back from a great thanksgiving my mind has to churn every bit of its juices out exhausting me to bits…but im glad i have loved ones around who make up for all the blank chemistry equations and mixed literature pieces from the puzzle that lies within my stinking non favorite book right now Catcher In The Rye the concept is great but in my opinion the writing style was not my reveshetwa…



I guess you can say this week I’ve learned a few things or just have remembered from I was told, have seen, and pick up from personal experience.

The Key to Understanding… What love is like.. (LIKE)

Thinking…something you can’t do too much, your opinion will get in the way of listening to what the other has to stay, halting you from sympathizing and seeing where they are coming from as a person.

Listening…Be sure you are, even if the reasons for you not communicating with them is completely evident.

Vague is spelled with words used.

Meaning you if didn’t speak up they have more of a reason to not understand where you are coming from.. take a seat, explain your part and shut up. Give them time to process and listen to what they have to say.

Open Up..If something is bothering you while conversating say it, get your point across but respectfully and don’t be afraid to say what really is on your mind. Vulnerability is a beautiful thing and doesn’t always make you feel good inside but, it’s definitely worth the risk in the process of learning who you are as a person, what your limits are, and creating better relationships with those you do love.

last but not least… LOVE. At first you may be upset, saddened, wounded, or even numb. due to the lack of understanding of where the other is coming from or their own communication skills toward you. Though this may or may not work you’re not guaranteed this last step, IT’S UP TO YOU, loving doesn’t necessarily mean you get along with with someone, heck some people haven’t even met the person they love…I’m not explaining that. Though loving runs in someone’s veins it can be taught but with time loving even the bad takes…a lot of patience. You can also love from  distance, You don’t necessarily have to be in a relationship with someone in order to hold regards for them, and putting up for disrespect isn’t worth any darn thing in the world.

Happiness is also key if you are happy where you are stay, work it out, an move on…BUT being in relations with someone whether friend or lover or anyone close does not happen naturally unless both parties are reaping that light we are all trying find.Nothing is ‘t about physical benefits whether its money or a higher grade on an assignment,popularity, gifts… that’s ALL  material…and flashy things causing us to get consumed in our minds of temporary happiness that the whole idea of loving just becomes an unreachable dream.

Do What’s Right Whatever it is…and feel loved, listen and understand what love is like.



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