Indie Feels

Her fingers flush from all the flinging in the air, palms piercing with sweat from all the contact with other skins like her, the glows coming from the globes of light projecting an illusion of hallucinations only one would daydream about, were left for citizens of sin to be drawn onto the floor. Where all the artist of movement, and talented street bums bump to the beats provided by the man who moves his hands in ways one would could only dream of. Sending the crowd into oblivion with such class he sits in the corner to wait until song dies down out of touch with what atmosphere he was living in. Due to the blazing passion eating him up inside starting with her. Eyeing the back to back shots until her cheeks rise with heat, he watches the destruction that occurs within her body starting with the way she moves, tripping on a stranger who took this incident as an invitation to his lips. One she didn’t refuse. Looking into the eyes of the lover whose burned a hole of emptiness down her throat. One would say she’s enjoying herself…she’s not. Hurting, there he stood in the little corner of 6 months. With all the rushes of nostalgia came beats from his mixes, and with every track she sang the lyrics that matched the tempo to her heart. They were both hurting inside only watching the other die away from afar.



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