All her desires are ones that hang far from touch. Oh but the embracful touch of his hand is oh so close and the temptation of clutch even closer. Leaving distance as the only obsatcle stopping either party from acting out on anything. No one knows her feeling..not even him but, the jewlery flashes ostentacious gems to be reflected back at the beasts who said she’d never be able to complete the tasks created just for her sake of lush and enjoyment. And the fools cry… the fools crynow  for  they’ve realized what a bright jewel they overlooked, what a bright person they never sought to seek anything in. 

“We fell for the ostentacious temptations that sit in the storefront waiting to be grappled like grapes on a vine and we show off what we have beacuse having what you once thought unaffordable is the best feeling ever.” 

But once you look back at all the buys you realize the actual factual beauty you saw in plastic dyed in “Amarillo”  the shade the sun takes on was just a lie into believing the exotic rush, the feeling you once felt was authentic.


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