For the hearts that line up…

For the hearts that line up across the walls that bleed love i hope you know where your hearts gonna be lying tomorrow… It may be on the ceiling one day and on the floor the next ,there’s no telling when disappointment may trickle in diguse as your hearts one and only vein, that pumps life through to your lungs and body, which helps manouver your true self and what it’s  like to just be comfortable sitting next to someone else. I hope you know where your heart may be in a week because boy will love jump and pump your heart overexhausting your mind to extent of not wanting it anymore. The sickness will send your stomach to a place no stomach wants to go and your body in an awkward position.

May you know your values and not forget that it’s not only fools who fall in love but also smart kids who get caught up in this game played amongst the apprentices who are dressed up as Royal winnings. May you know the rhythm your feet carry, being the secrect to your heart beat and line it up so you may truly be guided into a battlefield of blood and chances.

Uhhh soory for late update,been feeling under the weather, tell me what you think:) i promise ill start updating more


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