(of a person) be important or influential.

“she was trying to get known by the people who matter”….

the reason for distress or a problem.

something that evokes a specified feeling.

Matter…what’s the matter with you?

Depending on the context clues you haven’t bothered to let me know which one you speak of so, nothing. Nothing is the matter with me nothing. Nothing is the matter because nothing is who I choose to be, nothing today nothing tomorrow, nothing ever. Nothing matters to everythingbut everything cannot be nothing so nothing matters to me. Refrain.. refrain from feeling so you don’t feel the aching in your bones.. why do you speak with such…happiness.


The thing that is worth feeling that I can remember but, since I havent felt it in a while I find it weird everytime you smile at me.

Yes at me. Don’t smile at me because there’s nothing to smile about on the side of me that sees myself as a never ending cycle of damaged tendencies. Ones by all means you wouldn’t want to know of so why am I telling you?.

I see this eveytime I see her I see this I see a friend in need of help but no help can be done to suit her situation. The doctors don’t know what goes on with the insides of her diaphram that had cahplunked to a lining of numbness and sickness I think stress can drive anyone sick but…stress cannot be tested for a  kid whose parents are also sick. There are demographics to be put under for people like this.

And let me refrian from saying things like…I’m sorry you feel this way because, I would be lying I’m not sorry, your sadness is depressing me and supressing my happiness but all i want to see is a smile on your face so what does that make me, pitiful…

Fake smiles don’t work because I can differenraitae real diamonds from fake pearls.

Just let meknow  everything is to be okay!

Even if its not, saying it I hope will help and I can’t say it will. I’ve never been in a predicament with so much stress adding on to the medications you intake to drive the sickness away so you won’t speak….I’ll smile and joke around even fake frown anything to not make you feel as if you don’t…



Hi you guys i know i havent posted in a while and sorry just been caught up with school and really zoning in on creating a brand for myself. I hope you enjoy today’s post it’s all about bringing awarness to Depression and what we as bystanders of that can do to just make the person we live feel a bit better, even if its not depression and they’re having arough day i feel doung something a little extra to make them smile wilk be worth there while. Also i wanted to ask you guys on of the most important questions ill ever ask on this blog and that how i as a blogger effect you, as a reader. I also want to give love amd a bug thanks for sticking around and if you can spread my words to your loved ones it’d be brillant. Remember to comment below your thoughts or just you guys and type ya later;)



  1. This is just beautiful wordyqueen, you are simply amazing! You inspire me to be a better writer and to not be afraid of my words. I am so happy to know that you’re working on your brand as well. You are well on your way! ❤❤

    Liked by 1 person

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