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How can you possibly comprehend? I don’t think you get it?

I don’t know how you think you know me so well. Stories are told but, only I can tell the persepctive in which they come from while. The rumors are spread by abusing pronouns consisting of he’s she’s and it’s , All the while I can use me’s we’s and us because, I  was involved in a circumstance you still know nothing about… you’ve heard of it but, not the full on story ,the twist to my plot, the pickening to my soul, the secrets in the shed filled with cobwebs of unrequited love, the heat of my breath so warm your cheeks will rise in color from the flames that’ll hit.

That’s  my story, that’s how exotic it is, that’s how desperately lonley it fills to not be apart of it, that’s how you may not know the actual message between the lines of fibs that’s how you know…all she really wants is for you to comprehend…to get you get it?

No set image,Hi guys.comment below if youplease thanks below for the bunches of support luvs ya! 



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